The Sample Marketing Plan That Has Made Millions

Now You Can Too Use this sample marketing plan, which has made millions for real estate agents, brokers, mortgage lenders, and others in countless other industries related to houses. After all, people have to live somewhere. And your market can include people who own their houses as well as people who rent. So you can market all over with our plan. People who live in houses and apartments are still spending money on their homes. Especially now! Instead of moving, they’re taking care of the places they have. That is good news for your business. But we’re not going to teach you to sell real estate, or even sell loans to people who want to buy or sell a house. The real estate market is floundering right now. We want to show you how to start a business that is a top ten home business (meaning that you can work from home, start with very little investment, and grow your business as big as you like) and can help you earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars a week right away! Entrepreneur magazine has called the cleaning industry a top home based business to be in — listing about a half dozen cleaning franchises in their list of best franchises to own. (But we’re gonna show you how to strike out on your own — let’s keep the overhead down by not buying a franchise!) So what did the big boys and girls in real estate related industries do that you can do with your cleaning business? Let’s get to it! First of all, it’s smart to copy what has worked for other people. Dominoes Pizza didn’t create fast delivery — they just applied it to the pizza world. FedEx didn’t discover overnight delivery — they just stole it from the banking world (using the same concept that banks used to cash checks from other banks far away). And we’re going to do the same thing. We’re going to use marketing concepts that Realtors and mortgage lenders use so you can start a cleaning business. The Sample Marketing Plan – What’s it all about? The goal is to contract with people you’re going to clean for. First let’s look at the parts of your cleaning business marketing…

  1. Get client
  2. Clean for client
  3. Schedule next appointment
  4. Return to clean, and schedule next appointment
  5. Find another client
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 until your schedule is full, or you have to hire help Sounds simple, right?

But are you doing it? Marketing is an ongoing activity. It’s so much more than placing an ad an praying you’ll be found! Marketing is defined (by as “development and implementation of a promotional strategy.” A marketing plan isn’t a business plan. Our sample marketing plan we lay out for you here, is a strategy. A plan of ACTION. Action that brings RESULTS. So let’s get to work on doing these 6 steps. The Sample Marketing Plan – Just do… what? So where do clients come from? Prospecting. This is a part of your business that must be done daily in some form. You must actively participate in the marketing of your business to attract clients every day. These activities do two things.

1. Attract new clients.

2. Keep the clients you already have. #1 is obvious — new clients mean you’ll be cleaning for more people.

#2 means that the more people who know about your business, the more you’ll be selling your existing clients on you. Every time you have contact with a person is a time you can resell your services. So just how do we find these people and what do we do? I’m so glad you asked! 🙂 You’re going to learn to do what top real estate agents do (ooo — we’re getting to the good stuff!). You’re going to set an appointment every day. That’s how you’ll know your marketing is working. Picture this… You schedule a cleaning appointment every day, so you’re doing 1 house every day that you work. You’re planning a work week so that you work part-time, three days (or nights) each week. Your plan is then to schedule three appointments each week. However if you want to work full-time, you can do that too. Your plan will be to schedule 5 or more appointments each week, depending on the work schedule you set for yourself. Remember, you’re self employed now. There’s no one watching over your shoulder to make sure you get your work done. It’s up to you to succeed or fail. So our sample marketing plan starts with setting one appointment each day, until your schedule is full. What do you do when you’ve overfilled your calendar? Congratulations! That’s a good problem to have, and we’ll address that in an upcoming article. Let’s get to work! Prospect. Find some people to clean for. Book them. Show up and do an excellent job. Put them on a regular schedule. Return and clean for them again. Get more clients, and do the same for them. You’ll have other questions beyond our sample marketing plan. While you’re growing your business, use the Home Cleaning Biz 101 business in a box, so starting and running a cleaning business is fun and profitable right from the start.


Robert Berner is a family man and animal lover. Before founding, he worked as an interior designer and architect in Juva Designing Firm