This fascinating write-up addresses some of the key troubles concerning pest control . A cautious reading of this material could make a large difference in how you consider about pest control.

Birds and Other Wildlife

Maintain Blue Jays and Crows from stealing your corn by placing inflated bicycle inner tubes about the corn stalks. The birds will believe the inner tube is a snake and won`t bother with your corn.

Drape berry bushes or strawberry plants with an old lightweight fishing net to preserve the birds from eating the fruit. Empty mesh onion bags that have been cut open work effectively too.

Guard your grapes from birds with used shopping bags. Cut the bottom two corners from a number of shopping bags, slip them over grape clusters and use a stapler to fasten the bags. The holes will permit for adequate ventilation and drainage for the grapes to ripen.

Wrap trees with chicken wire to avoid mice and other critters from chewing the bark. Just be positive that you wrap it greater than the snow line will be.

To shield melons, squash and pumpkins even though they ripen, cover them with old milk crates.

To maintain Deer out of your garden, hang bars of heavily scented soap around the perimeter of the garden. The Deer do not like the smell and will not go past it.

Cats and Dogs

It’s actually a good thought to probe a small deeper into the topic of pest control. What you find out may well give you the confidence you want to venture into new places.

If your pets will not remain out of your flower garden, sprinkle a very good quantity of black pepper about the flowers. The animals do not like the smell and it won`t harm the plants.

Cats enjoy to scratch and roll in freshly turned dirt. To maintain cats from digging up your seeds, place chicken wire on turned soil as soon as you are completed planting so that the cats can`t scratch the soil. When seeds have sprouted and soil is no longer light and fluffy from turning, the cats won`t have any wish to dig.


Shield your cabbages from pests with old pantyhose. When cabbages are tennis ball size, cover them with the leg of old pantyhose. They will let in light and stretch as the cabbage grows.

Aphids really like something that is bright yellow. To trap Aphids, paint old jar lids with brilliant yellow paint and coat them with petroleum jelly or honey and spot all through the garden. Make positive to re coat the lids frequently.

Get rid of Caterpillars with citrus juice. In a food processor, grind up the peel and seeds of any citrus fruit and soak them 8-12 hrs in water. In the morning strain the liquid into a spray bottle and spray it on your plants.

Earwigs like to hide throughout the day in damp dry locations. To get rid of them, spot pieces of corrugated cardboard throughout the garden. When daylight comes they will hide in the corrugations. In the morning pick up the cardboard and burn it. (use new cardboard every time)

To get rid of fire ants, pour scalding water on the hills.

To get rid of grasshoppers, plant Basil around the perimeter of the garden. The grasshoppers will fill up on the Basil and leave the plants for you.

Sprinkle the garden with moth crystals to get rid of slugs. This also keeps dogs and cats away.

When word gets around about your command of pest manage facts, other people who need to know about pest control will start to actively seek you out.


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