Here are a few short suggestions and money-saving ideas to keep in mind if you’re looking for wood floor advice, whether you’ve previously installed hardwood floors or planned to do so yourself or employ a hardwood floor professional.

When you make any judgments or purchases or Buy Laminate Flooring, do a lot of research online and at your local hardwood floor merchants. Even though we display you the entire spectrum of colors for each of the different flooring ranges on our website, we always recommend that you visit us in person. There is a very good reason why we recommend seeing it in person. Every laptop monitor is set up wrong, and we all use multiple computers and screen sizes, thus the results on each monitor will be different. Browse the catalogs online, but make the time and effort to visit a showroom before making your final decision.

If you aren’t going to do it yourself and will be hiring a hardwood flooring contractor, seek quotations from at least three different companies. This tip is nothing new, but it is a prudent course of action when considering the amount of money you are about to invest. Consider that many of the leading manufacturers, such as Quick-Step, maintain a list of approved contractors in your area. For one simple reason, wood flooring is not ideal for kitchen areas due to the increased danger of exposure to water and humid climate. You don’t have to be afraid of water spills, but you should be aware that untreated water spills can harm your wooden floors, whether it’s engineered or solid wood.

Your flooring’s edges are guarded by seven layers of varnishes on synthetic carpet or an oil and wax preventative covering on solid wood flooring, but if left unchecked, the wood will seep through the joints. For the majority of light spills, a rapid drying with soft towels will suffice, but if a significant accident occurs, it is critical to dry as much of the area as quickly as possible using soft towels and then allow the area to dry using extra air, such as opening the windows.

Flooring costs are computed per square foot. To accommodate for scraps that will be left over, the contractor normally adds between 5% and 12% to the square footage as a “cut allowance” or “waste factor.” Because the planks will have to be cut to size, a 100-square-foot room may necessitate the purchase of 105 to 112 square feet of flooring. The cut leeway is the leftover material. At the grocery, you don’t compare the prices of apples and tomatoes. When acquiring hardwood flooring quotes, you also don’t want to compare maple and hickory. Because there are so many different species, grades, and widths of wood floors, as well as solid and engineered varieties, it’s crucial to acquire many quotes for identical materials. You’ll be comparing apples to apples in this manner (or maple to maple).


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