Hello! I’m Julia (aka DivaJulia), a sarcastic yet overly sensitive former model-turned professional photographer and writer living in both Seattle, Washington and Sun Valley, Idaho. I’m a bit of an Anglophile, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! More about me here(Founder/Editor-in-Chief)



Contributing Editor - Brittani





Brittani (Contributing Editor) is a 20-something North Carolina native and aspiring writer traveling through life with a martini in one hand and a remote control in the other.


Contributing Writer - David E.





David E. (Contributing Writer) is a laid-back father and proud California resident who loves movies, sports and whatever else manages to pique his curiosity.



Contributing Writer - Frenchie R.





Frenchie R. (Contributing Editor) Frenchie is a dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker, photographer, avid fangirl, and confessed addict of social media. If it’s happening on the ‘intarwebs’, she needs to know about it. Being of pocket stature, it fostered her nosy nature and now she’s been set forth, camera and snark in tow.


Contributing Writer - Krystal





Krystal (Contributing Writer) When Krystal isn’t drooling over the latest high-cheekboned-and-strong-jawed celeb, she’s playing video games, injecting Netflix into her veins, and reading too much sci-fi drama. And writing a lot of slash from the confines of her NYC apartment. Don’t judge.


Contributing Writer - Nancy Joyce





Nancy, (Contributing Writer) a lifelong Bronx girl, masquerades as an adult by day, but at night reverts to the 10 year old that she really is. She spends her spare time hanging with her sons, writing, spreading the gospel of Wonder Woman, knitting and plotting world domination using an army of knitters. Got to keep the weavers in check.


Contributing Writer - Taylour





Taylour Chanel (Contributing Writer) is a makeup artist artist first, sass factory second.
Pacific Northwest born and bred, she gravitated towards music and makeup artistry at an early age. (To be fair, her rendition of Hit Me Baby One More Time was pretty riveting.) When not up to her elbows in new beauty finds, Taylour can be found gushing over Beyoncé, or hangin’ with her main squeeze & her cat, Marshall.