Veronica Mars is Smarter Than Me


 “A long time ago, we used to be friends, but I haven’t thought of you lately at all…”


So began every episode of Veronica Mars. Veronica was Nancy Drew, dressed in Noir and her playground was the Southern California class war. The low rated show ran for three seasons, even making the jump from UPN to the CW, to no avail sadly. It was canceled at the end of that season. Marshmallows, VM fans as dubbed by Kristin Bell herself, are a hardy bunch however (full disclosure I am such a hardcore Marshmallow. I have written Veronica Mars fan fic, and I’m not even a little ashamed). We have not given up hope for seeing our favorite prickly, damaged heroine again. Thanks to a record breaking Kickstarter done by the show’s creator, Rob Thomas, we got just that. In fact we (yes I was a backer) got ourselves a movie.

Said movie premiered on Friday and has grossed $2 million. Considering it was already bought and paid for by the fans, many of whom received digital downloads for their contributions, was available on demand and had almost no advance publicity,  that’s a pretty decent haul.  I did receive the digital download (plus a t-shirt and the shooting script, hey I said I was hardcore) but I also got up bright and early on Friday morning, a day I took off from work once I knew the release date, and saw the very first showing that day (I’ve also seen it three times since then, just sayin’). How was it? Everything I wanted it to be and more.

The plot revolves around Logan (woobie!) being accused of murdering his pop star ex-girlfriend. Veronica meanwhile has moved to New York for law school and it just about to take the bar. She is about to go in for her second interview when she gets the call, “I need your help Veronica”.


Of course he does and of course she drops everything and goes. She is technically dating Piz, remember him from the last season, but we know true LoVe will prevail. Yes I ship Logan and Veronica, if you don’t we can’t ever be friends. Judging by the animalistic noises that were escaping me during the film, Logan is just as unbearably sexy as ever, even if he is slightly less damaged. In fact everyone has grown up in realistic ways but not so far that you don’t recognize them. EVERYONE from the show is in it, really except for Teddy Dunn (Duncan) and Leighton Meester who originally played the character, Carrie Bishop who is the murder victim in this. The mystery goes all the way back to right after high school, although doesn’t play directly into the show. It was well plotted and fun to follow along to see whodunnit. The subplot of Neptune being ground zero in the class war was interesting as well. Stop and frisk and money and power buying justice are all big themes here. It was interesting, engaging and downright fun.

How is it for someone who’s never watched? I’m sure nowhere near as good but I’d venture to say it’s a good enough mystery with compelling characters that it can be enjoyed without it’s history. I’ve read some online comments from people saying they enjoyed it enough to go check out the series. That tells me it does stand fairly well on it’s own.

In the end, though it was paid for by us, the fans and made for us. Rob Thomas has claimed no different. In this he has succeeded. I was in heaven enjoying my Logan again and seeing old friends like Weevil, Wallace, Mac and even Dick.

book cover vm

Veronica saved the day once again and it tied up nicely but left enough threads to lead into the upcoming book series.  Which I will most definitely be reading. If you’re a fan it’s a must see if you’re not check it out on iTunes or on demand and you may find yourself wanted to get to know Veronica a little better. You’ll be glad you did.

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