‘True Blood’ Teaser For FINAL SEASON


True Blood‘ is ending after 7 long, bloody and weird seasons. When we last left off with the Southern vampire soap opera, a virus was threatening the vamps, Eric might have met his true death and Sookie was in a relationship with Alcide. As she narrates in this teaser, the government has left humans to defend for themselves against the hoardes of hungry, and infected, vamps.

The “FEMA HELP US” message alludes to a Hurricane Katrina like emergency wiping out the inhabitants of Bon Temps. Sookie is surrounded by her family, but we’ll have to wait until June 22 to see if everyone else survived that attack. I’m pretty excited about this season, though something tells me i’ll be frustrated with it by the third episode. Of course, I’ll continue to watch.



Oh, Tara. Are you in for the last season, or has the show sucked the life out of you?


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