True Blood Recap, ‘Lost Cause’


Ain’t no party like a Sookie Stackhouse party, cause it usually ends in sex. We were treated to two sex scenes this episode, one of which was long overdue for a certain character. Away from Bon Temps, Eric and Pam close in on Sarah Newlin while another vamp gets infected.



Pam And Eric Do Dallas: Willa was understandably upset that Eric turned her, then peaced out, leaving her to fend for herself. He and Pam need her to help them find Sarah, she was thisclose to being her step-mother. Willa wants out though, so she agrees to give up info on Sarah if Eric releases her as his progeny. Turns out that Sarah has a vampire sister, and may be headed back to Texas. As they ready to leave, Ginger demands they take her with them, or she gets to finally have sex with Eric. The fact that she’s only been manually and orally servicing him all these years does seem a little unfair, but her desperation even while Eric is infected wasn’t all that sexy.

In Dallas, they meet Sarah’s sister Amber, also infected with Hep-V, who has a pretty cliche backstory of being the black sheep in her family. She tells them that while she was trying to get her life together with her boyfriend, who turned her, Sarah married Steve Newlin and paid her off to stay out of the public. Wanting her dead too, she tells them that Sarah will try to seek help from their parents, who will be attending a Ted Cruz fundraiser at the Bush Library. Cue Pam and Eric getting all country-fied. Sure enough, Sarah shows up at the fundraiser and tells her mother that the Yakuza is after her. Eric tries to glamour her dad for information, but the Yakuza storm the place and shoot him. They almost kill Sarah, but Eric takes them out in especially gruesome fashion. Is it me, or was the hallway scene a nod to ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day,’ when the T-800 comes to rescue Sarah Connor from the mental institution? I think the Yakuza could have lasted another episode, Eric took them out too easily.

The Funeral Pary: Lafayette and James, along with Jackson and his girlfriend, take it upon themselves to set up a party that will serve as Alcide’s memorial. They invited everyone in town, well, everyone that’s still alive, and a couple of dead folks to have a celebration rather than wake. Jessica is still punishing herself, but Andy insists that she move on because it’s not doing him any good either. He finally worked up the courage to propose to Holly, who seemed to be back to normal, but hasn’t had time to buy a ring. Sookie gives him the ring Nan was going to give to Jason were he ever to propose to someone, but he has no use for it. So Andy dropped to one knee for a pretty sweet proposal, and Jason tells Adilyn and Wade that they need to cool if there’s anything going on between them because they’re going to be related now. Thought it’s not like it would be a blood relation, as if that would stop people in Bon Temps.

Lafayette and James take a break from the festivities to talk, and Laffy asks him about his past. James is trying his best to have a relationship with Jess, but it’s pretty one sided at the moment. Later, Jessica catches them having sex in her car, of all places. Jason takes it upon himself to comfort her, and we all saw where this was going. Lafayette makes it easy for Jessica to move on by telling her that she’s only hurt because that’s the way she thinks she should feel. She doesn’t love James, much in the same way Sookie didn’t really love Alcide. And in the way that Jason doesn’t love Violet, who is just the worst. You could practically hear Jason thinking “this bitch” when she scoffed at how small the diamond was in Nan’s ring. Violet is going to be an even bigger problem now that she knows her boyfriend hooked up with another woman. I was surprised she didn’t bust the door down, so that means we can expect a big fight between her and Jessica.


Sookie gets a little tipsy, but that can’t stop her from hearing everyone’s thoughts, which aren’t as bad as they used to be. It does help when she hears Lettie Mae, who actually wasn’t invited, thinking about hurting Willa. She stabs her to try to get more of her blood to contact Tara, and that probably won’t be the last time. Keith, that vampire that saved Arlene’s life, is super into her, but Arlene makes a wise decision and leaves that alone, for now. She did give some great advice to Sookie about letting go of Alcide. Nicole, however, didn’t enjoy the evening and finally says what should have been said back in the first episode, Bon Temps is full of crazy people, crazy because they put up with all that mess. Though it’s not like crazy shit isn’t happening everywhere else. She looks ready to pop, and something tells me she isn’t going to have the easiest birth.

There were a couple of flashbacks from Bill, who I actually thought looked pretty hot in this episode. Present Day Bill, that is. The Bill that is now showing signs of having Hep-V. Uh, where did he get it from? Is it just spreading from vamp to vamp now? Why am I trying to make sense of a show about vampires?

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