True Blood Recap, ‘Life Matters’



In the emotional penultimate episode, the fine, undead folks of ‘True Blood’ delivered some of it’s best moments. Terry’s death united the small town of Bon Temps, and we got to see why he was so important to it’s citizens. Bill fulfilled his duties as vampire savior, but at what cost, and where is his frenemy disappearing off to?

The episode split itself between Terry’s funeral and Bill and Eric rescuing their friends. Some of the town’s craziest inhabitants turned out for the service, including Hoyt and Tara’s mothers, Maxine and Lettie Mae. Since Jason was a no-show, Alcide stayed to comfort Sookie while Sam brought Nicole. Andy spoke about how his cousin was more like a brother and he did the best he could to help him after he returned home the war. He asked Sam to hook him up with a job at Merlotte’s, which he was a little resistant to given Terry’s odd behavior but he gave him a chance. Lafayette remembered how he had a hard time adjusting to a normal job, but knew that he was trying his hardest to succeed even if it was only to cook fries. Hearing that Arlene wasn’t quite ready to speak, Sookie got up to tell her and their friends about Terry’s first night at work. Though another waitress was flirting with him, all he could focus on was his future wife who Sookie heard him thinking about.

arlene (1)

The last touching memory came from Arlene who remembered how he comforted her when she was anxious about taking care of their newborn son Micky. It was a nice sendoff for not only the character of Terry but his actor Todd Lowe who said that he had a hard time with the role. Arlene feeling better than she thought she would about everything not only comforted Sookie but the viewer, even though I couldn’t help shedding a couple of tears.

Before the funeral, Sookie took Bill to the Cemefaerie to collect Warlow, who had been attacked by Eric. Warlow refused to leave with him, and instructed Sookie to use her light on him. So Bill was on his own, as was Eric who tore his way through the vamp camp freeing the prisoners and literally ripping the dick off of the head doctor. He finds Jason in female gen-pop and heals him in exchange for helping him find the big white room. Along the way they come across Pam’s therapist who happily tells him that he slept with her so she could be moved to gen-pop.



Meanwhile Bill is desperate to find Eric and make sure his visions don’t come true. Sarah, who somehow escaped all the carnage, prays her way to the top of one of the water tanks that house the sun rooms and opens it’s ceiling. Expecting a huge fireball made of dead vamps, instead she sees all of them feeding off of Bill and not meeting the true death. Her ex-husband Steve can’t get in a bite, but it doesn’t matter anyways. Eric has it in for me and holds him up to the sun as he shouts out “I LOVE YOU, JASON STACKHOUSE!” one last time to spite Sarah.

Jason finds her outside trying to get away and almost kills her before deciding that he doesn’t want anymore blood on his hands. Jessica notices that Bill isn’t outside with them, destroying the tainted True Blood and enjoying the sunlight. She and James go back inside to see him almost dead on the floor, as he hallucinates seeing Lilith’s blood servants. He feeds on James’ blood and is ok, for now. Eric has little to celebrate though, his sister is dead and he still feels like he has nowhere else to go. Pam asks him not to leave, but he jets out of there.

So where is Eric going? It seems as if he has become like his maker Godric, fed up with being a vampire and not having much else to live for. We know that would kill Pam, in a sense, if he died or hurt himself so I think that’ll be his and her’s challenge next season. Sookie promised to accept Warlow’s offer, which means we might see her turn into a vampire. After all this time though, I don’t know why she would think that was a good idea. Even if they can walk in the daylight now. It’s too much to ask that these people be happy, but don’t you think they deserve it? We’ll see what happens when the season finale airs next week!

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