True Blood Recap, ‘I Found You’


Bon Temps is pretty much history unless Sookie can do what she promised and help to stop everyone from ending up with two holes in their necks. Amongst the chaos, Adilyn gets kidnapped and Lettie Mae in still in a desperate search for answers after Tara’s death. Not to mention the first Eric sighting of the season, which involved some man on man love. We’ll get to that in a bit. 


Lettie Mae’s Trip To The Other Side: Tara’s mother was always pretty horrible to her, but she was genuinely shaken up after her daughter’s sudden death. She goes to Lafayette in hopes that he has some V laying around for her to use to talk to Tara. He’s fresh out, but I couldn’t help but wonder where James was sleeping since it was the middle of the day. Later while cooking, she burns her hand in a skillet and then asks Willow to heal her and then drinks some of her blood. In her vision, she sees Tara on a cross with a snake. When she speaks to her, Tara only replies “in tongues.” Not what Lettie was expecting, or wanted, but it was an oddly beautiful image.


Bon Temps’ Uprising: Reverend Daniels tells Sam that the people need something to do during the day, so he asks them to clean up the bloody mess the vamps left behind at Bellefleur’s. Vince gets everyone riled up again, telling them that he saw Sam shift into a dog the other night. Vince isn’t so much motivated by survival or fear as he is bitterness over losing the election to his shape shifting opponent. Adilyn hears one woman’s thoughts, that the only guns left in town are at the Sheriff’s station, so she heads over there with Holly’s son Wade to warn Deputy Kenya about the angry mob. When they get there, they convince Kenya that she should join them because Andy left her there by herself, and she was passed over for a promotion. Well, they did have a point, but as Kenya gets ready to cuff Adilyn, she uses her faerie powers to knock her out. Unfortunately, they overpower the the teens and lock them up while they have a little gun party. Jessica feels that Adilyn is in trouble, but can’t rescue her because it’s daylight. When Andy finally returns home, she promises to find Adilyn, and hopes that Andy will trust her enough to go look for his daughter with her.

Down In A Hole: The Hep V group of vamps are trying to ration off their food while they’re holed up in Fangtasia. Arlene, Holly and Nicole are still alive, along with a detoxing friend of theirs, but there aren’t many more of them left down in the basement. Arlene realizes she recognizes the women who is the reaper, the vampire assigned to go collect the prisoners. She’s a schoolteacher named Betty, and the ladies devise a plan to use her to get them out of there. Arlene wins her over by telling her that she helped her kids learn to read, and get over the trauma of Rene’s death, and hey, the lady is going to die anyways so why not just let them go? She agrees to free them, but has to feed on one of them first because she hasn’t slept. Arlene volunteers, but while Betty is feeding, she succumbs to the Hep V virus and explodes. Or was that an implode? Does this mean Arlene is infected with Hep V now? How the hell does that little virus work?


Two Towns Over: Sookie remembers the body she tripped over in the woods and thinks that if they identify the woman, then maybe they could figure out where the vampires came from. The girl was from a small town called St. Alice, which is creepily deserted as the Scooby Gang drives through it. They find a huge pits filled with bodies, and signs left by possibly one survivor. When they get to the girl’s home, Jason uses his “pizza forensics” skills to deduce that the last attack happened a little over 2 days before. So the vamps feed, wipe everyone out, then move on to the next town. Sookie finds the girl’s diary, where she wrote about falling in love with a vampire, closely mimicking her own experiences with Bill. She flashes back to when they first met and he took her to Fangtasia. On the ride home, Alcide assures her that she isn’t like that girl and doesn’t have to meet the same fate. Alcide is a good enough boyfriend, and Sookie could be really happy with him, but the whole damn show has been based around her love affair with Bill. So, does this all mean that Sookie and Bill are really meant to be?

That Scene: The episode opened with a deam sequence, as we would find out, where Jason finds Eric in France and the two make love. This isn’t the first time he’s has dreamed about getting close to another man. You can blame it on his blood connections, but his underlying homosexuality could be a plausible reason behind his abusive relationships with women. That idea might be too heady for such a heavy handed show.The thing is though, does Jason even know, and would he care, that Eric has been MIA for some time? Pam definitely cares, and she finally finds her maker, but he’s in a sorry state. Eric is haggard, and sporting the same Hep V veins that other vamps have. So unless there’s a cure, he’s going to end up like poor old Betty.

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