True Blood Recap, ‘Fire In The Hole’


Folks are dropping like flies in Bon Temps. It’s pretty early in the season for another huge death, but we probably should have seen this one coming. This episode had a couple flashbacks, which meant big 80s hair, and the return of the villain who just won’t go away.


Lafayette and James: The only other scenes not involving bloody murder, Willa got a bit of Lettie Mae’s backstory from Reverend Daniels as she drank his blood, belonged to these two. James seeks refuge, and drugs, at Laffy’s and spills his guts to him. The honeymoon is over for him and Jessica, but while he seems to be drifting farther apart for her, he’s getting really close to Mr. Reynolds. Because vamps can’t swallow pills, Lafayette takes a couple and lets James drink his blood so they can get high together. In case you hadn’t heard, the previous actor who played James quit the show because of the direction his character was headed in. Both of them need a satisfying relationship, but I wonder how Jessica would take the news that James left her for a man whose eyeliner looks better than hers.

Pam and Eric: We know that Eric saved Pam from an awful existence as a prostitute in the late 1800s, and we got a little more of their back story. In the 80s, the pair lived in France, where Eric had a girlfriend named Sylvie who apparently didn’t mind sleeping with a dead guy. Nan Flanagan visits them to demand they pay their fees to the Authority, and to inform them of the Yakanomo Corporation, the people behind the Tru Blood drink. Both wanted Eric to be more comfortable with his public antics, so they get a visit from some of Yakanomo’s goons, and Eric has to choose between Sylvie and Pam. Obviously he chose Pam, but you have to wonder why he was so emotional over Sylvie’s death. They knew each other for all of 5 minutes.

In the present, Eric is ready to give up, but Pam urges him to keep holding on for her sake. That brings up to Sarah Newlin. Pam tells Eric that Jason let her live, and she’s been hiding out in Los Angeles doing yoga. The Yakanomo gang is after her too, she did poison their product after all. They track her down to her Yogi lover’s home, but he doesn’t give her. Sarah has been one of my least favorite characters on the show. Just kill her already!


A Town Full Of Crazies: The town’s mob, which isn’t the brightest bunch of people, elected Vince as their new mayor. Because you know, the real one is a dog. They stop Sam while he’s heading home and threaten to kill him. He shifts into an owl, though you’d he pick a more dangerous bird, and flies out of there. Not before they shoot his poor vampire protector, Matt. Along with Violet and Jason, Andy and Jessica set out to find Sookie and run into the mob on the road. Maxine directs all her anger at Jason and Jessica, rightfully so, but the oh so aggressive Violet takes it upon herself to put Maxine out of her misery by gutting her with her bare hands. She then catches up to Holly’s son Wade, who was about this close to seeing his mother again.


Love Isn’t Always Equal: Sookie, being the dummy she is, hatches up a plan to kill the Hep-V infected vamps by using herself as bait. Of course she didn’t bother to tell Alcide anything about this, and he gives chase, following her scent to Bill’s house. In the woods, Sookie and Bill discuss everything from their first date at Fangtasia to Six Flags. After Sookie talks about how Alcide wants to have half werewolf, half faerie, children with her, Bill remembers his pre-vampire life with his family. Bill asks her if she actually loves Alcide, she does, but not as much as he loves her. Some of the Hep-V vamps use Holly as bait to catch more humans, technically succeeding while also helping Sookie out with her little plan. During the attack, Alcide bites one vamp while Jason and Andy shoot the rest. Alcide goes at Bill about helping Sookie, as she washes blood off her in the river. Then there are gunshots and Alcide falls to ground.

It wasn’t the most shocking death, but at least it happened on screen. Jessica offered to turn him, but Sookie didn’t want to go down that road again. Everyone she loves is dying, or is already dead, but of course this takes care of her pesky relationship issues. Which seemed to be the running theme for this episode. R.I.P. Alcide.

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