True Blood Recap, ‘Dead Meat’

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Though every episode of ‘True Blood’ is about death in some way, this one focused on how even the immortal can do little to escape it. The promise of eternal life can be tempting, but to spend the rest of your unnatural existence with one person would get a little old after a while, right? So this is Sookie’s dilemma, and it leads her to confront her serious daddy issues. Her brother finds himself in the same predicament. What’s forever to a human?

Arlene: Sadly it took the death of Terry to give Arlene more depth, but I am really enjoying her this season. She is “ok” for only a brief moment until Lafayette tells her about Terry’s $2 million dollar insurance policy. Realizing that he basically committed suicide she loses it, and blames Adylin and her sisters for his death because they read his mind. Terry’s funeral isn’t going as planned either, it would be a little weird to have a 21 gun salute for a guy that was shot to death. But after all of that it seems like Arlene and her family will be ok.

eric (2)

Eric: Also grieving over a loss, Eric turns on Bill who he desperately wanted to cure Nora. When Bill returns without Warlow still expecting help, Eric starts to taunt him about his powers and Sookie. After Bill kicks him out of his home, he spots Sookie leaving the Cemefaerie and tries to get in. Later that night he comes upon Adylin and Holly’s sons in the human cemetery, instantly smelling Adylin’s blood. After he glamours the two boys, he chases after Adylin and bites her neck. Andy finds his daughter terrified in the middle of the road, and here is where I thought that both Andy and Adylin seriously needed Sookie’s help. If only to let them know that faerie blood is like crack to vamps and Adylin is basically going to end up being like Sookie, always in danger.

alcide and sam

Sam and Alcide: With Nicole and her mother captured, Rikki challenges Alcide to fight. He reluctantly goes at it with her, but as she suspected, he didn’t have the balls to finish her off. I kind of wish he did. Alcide delivers Nicole and her mom safely back to Sam who thanks him with some drinks. At the bar they discuss death, and both realize that Nicole is pregnant because they could smell it on her. So Alcide is without a pack, and Sam is expecting a baby–that’s exactly what these two need. It was nice to see them being friends again though, and I wonder if Alcide will start flipping burgers at Merlotte’s now that Terry is gone.

the big white room

The Newlins and the Vamp Camp: Instead of being torn to shreds, Jason was “saved” by Violet, the overly aggressive vampire who runs the gen-pop wing. She tells Jason that he belongs to her, because of some medieval Catholicism crap, and even if they do get out of there alive, he’ll always be hers. His ex, Jessica has found a new guy, who is less optimistic about the future. When they are separated again she reminds him not to drink the tainted True Blood. He tells Steve Newlin, who is trying to make friends, and when he doesn’t perform up to speed in one of the facilities tests he lets Sarah know that some of the vamps are on to them. While in line waiting for their TB, Violet overhears Tara telling Willa, Jessica and Pam that they should let her drink it so Jason will be safe, but this lands them all in the big, white room with Steve and James. There Jessica tells them about their fate. Meanwhile Sarah is trying to cover up Burrell’s death, but Ms. Suzuki, who he had a deal with, demands to see him. She sees the Hep V being put into bottles and starts to call the FDA until Sarah tries to choke her. She then chases her through the building, cornering her over the male gen-pop room where she takes a stiletto heel to Ms. Suzuki’s head. It was one of the more humorous, and weird, deaths on the show, made all the more funnier with Sarah proclaiming “thank you, Jesus” through her tears.

sookie and warlow

Sookie, Bill and Warlow: How did Sookie end up here again, and with an even more angsty vampire? She ties Warlow up again after Bill asked her to bring him back. She tells him that they need his help to save her vampire friends, who he isn’t all that interested in saving. He offers up a proposition, he’ll save them from meeting the true death, if she will be his bride for all of eternity. They literally just met like week ago. When Bill confirms that he won’t kill Warlow, he still needs his blood, he tells Sookie that the proposal isn’t all that bad. It was a dick move on his part, but also a sign that Bill is completely over her, which Sookie probably wasn’t expecting.

Her next stop is Merlotte’s where she goes to tell Sam about her powers, and that if she gets rid of them she’ll be normal. Sam is annoyed that she would chose to tell him about her feelings now that he is with someone new, and expecting a kid, especially after he put himself out there for her so many times. If Sookie can’t be happy with a vampire, chances are she won’t be happy with a shifter, even if Sam is a bit more “normal.” Later that night she does to her parent’s graves to disown them and make her decision to be Warlow’s wife. She then meets Bill and takes him to the Cemefaerie where they discover Warlow unconscious with bite marks on his neck. When Sookie wonders who could have done that him, Bill already knows the answer. Eric.

I think we already know what the outcome will be, but watching it unfold is still pretty interesting. I don’t Sookie will take the plunge, so to speak, I mean there are so many other supernaturals out there for to be in danger love with!

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