‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale, ‘A’


In between all of those damn commercials was a pretty satisfying, and bloody, season finale. Big surprise, Terminus is full of crazies, but what it is that the people there are up to isn’t quite clear yet. It was great to see most of the prison group together again, but the circumstances could have been better.Throughout the long journey, Rick found himself again, but that meant having to kill more than walkers to keep him and his son alive.

The episode mostly focused on Rick, Michonne and Carl traveling to Terminus. Along the way Carl asks an important question, when they get there, what will they tell the people about them? They don’t have much time to decide on an answer before they have to off some walkers, and a dinner of rabbit is off the table as they escape a group who have just feasted on some poor dude. They take refuge at an abandoned truck for the night, and then are taken hostage by Joe and his hunters. They’ve finally caught up to Rick and plan to kill him for strangling one his dudes. It was basically do or die here for the three of them, even with Daryl trying to negotiate, Joe wasn’t letting up. Rick bites a huge chunk out of Joe’s neck, killing him and Daryl and Michonne take out the others. Rick saves the man who was assaulting Carl for last, repeatedly stabbing him while his son watched on. This was one of the darkest scenes in the show’s history, and showed that having to kill humans for survival wasn’t even near the same level as killing walkers.


As they come upon Terminus, Michonne takes a moment to tell Carl more about what happened to her son Andre. She shares details about how her boyfriend and his friend basically let him die because of negligence at the refugee camp they were at during the start of the zombie apocalypse. She then turned them into her pets, cutting off their arms and jaws, it helped them to hide her from the other walkers. It was sick, as she described it, but it kept her alive. It also shut her off from the world, until Andrea came along. Carl has just always seen her as kind of a kickass chick who was really handy with a kitana, but over the season we saw them grow closer and Michonne let down her guard. So I think it’s safe to say that he kind of looks at her as a mother figure, or at least a really cool older sister. Rick called Daryl his “brother,” after he expressed guilt over joining up with Joe’s gang. Considering the fact that his real brother is dead, and Rick hasn’t had much in a male BFF since he had to kill Shane, this moment was pretty touching.

Maggie, Glenn and the others used the front entrance to Terminus, Rick decided to use the backdoor. They stumble upon a handful of folk in a factory, where we also see the woman behind the radio messages urging people to find the place. They are asked to put down their weapons for a moment, and the people seem friendly enough until Rick starts to notice that they are wearing Sasha’s poncho and Glenn’s riot gear. A standoff happens, but it’s four against a dozen and the shooting sends them running around the place where there is a creepy room filled with candles, and a tarp covered in bones and flesh. They end up outside again near a rail car where they are instructed by the head hipster to enter into. It’s the same place Glenn and the others are being kept, but probably not for long. As Rick tells them, the residents of Terminus are going to feel pretty stupid when they realize they’re screwing with the wrong people. Sheriff Rick is back y’all!


Throughout the episode there were a couple of flashbacks to their time at the prison. Really simple moments, like Carl’s friend Patrick playing with some Legos, but it focused on Hershel telling Rick that they needed to make the prison home. We saw Rick putting his gun down and shifting into being Farmer Rick, but that little bit of piece didn’t last long. It never does. So these people are cannibals, right? There are no animals around, unless the carcasses they passed while running away from gunfire were some strays or animals they caught. The meat that Mary was going to serve them didn’t really look like…anything. Well, nothing with four legs. There were also a number of names painted on the floor in the room with the candles, all the people they’ve killed since the apocalypse? So it looks like there is going to be another long battle for next season, but i’m worried about what these people could do to baby Judith when Carol and Tyreese finally get there. There is only so much meat on a toddler. Also, who took Beth? Was it them, some other looney tune? We’ll have to wait until October to find out.

Until then, Walking Dead fans!


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