The Walking Dead Recap, ‘Us’



The penultimate episode of ‘The Walking Dead‘ finally got us to Terminus, but presented another couple of other challenges for our characters. Glenn and Maggie were finally reunited, and Daryl found himself a part of the most immature bunch of dudes this side of the Mason-Dixon line. More importantly, we caught up with Rick and Michonne again.

Unfortunately, there was only a tiny bit of Richonne and Carl, but it ended up being an important scene. They, along with everyone else, are headed to Terminus, and the group Daryl has now hooked up with are hot on their trail. Joe and his hunters are a violent and childish bunch. Just as he’s about to shoot a rabbit, one of the other guys, Len, “claims” it and it turns into this whole thing. Seriously, it’s stupid. They hunker down in an abandoned garage where they all call cars like they’re fighting for the front seat on the way to the mall, Daryl gets stuck sleeping on the floor. In the morning, Len says that Daryl stole his half of the rabbit, but Joe knows that he planted it in Daryl’s bag. The men teach Len a lesson by beating him to death. Over a friggin’ rabbit! Then again, this guy killed someone over a bed. As they walk along the tracks, they see one of those signs for Terminus and Joe talks about what happened back at the house, and that they plan to kill Rick. You know those three questions that Rick and the crew ask everyone they come across, well it seems Joe has some rules for his group. Claim everything you want, don’t lie, and I guess don’t kill one of their men because eventually they will. It’ll be interesting to see what else he springs on Daryl as he becomes even more a part of this group.



Glenn finds the messages Maggie has been leaving him, but there is only so far Abraham, Eugene and Rosita are willing to go. They plan to stay at a tower for the rest of the day, until a falling walker causes Tara to hurt her leg, AGAIN! When they get to a very dark tunnel, Abraham and the others opt to go back to the road, leaving Glenn and Tara to try to navigate their way through the darkness. They almost get past a hoard of walkers, until Tara’s foot gets caught in some rubble. I would have been completely fine with him just leaving her there, but luckily he didn’t have to. They’re saved by Maggie and the others, and though i’m glad the happy couple is back together, I wish this moment could have been a bit more satisfying. There was something a little odd about the way Glenn introduced Maggie to Tara. Maybe she still feels guilty about being on The Governor’s side when they attacked the prison, or as Abraham suggested at the beginning of the episode, she had a bit of a crush on Glenn. Tara is just kind of an awkward mess of a character.

So Abraham’s mission is to get Dr. Mullet to D.C., but a stop in Terminus is a must. The gang arrive to a nice, but eerily quiet town where they meet a woman named Mary. She welcomes them, but something just doesn’t seem right. There were no walkers, no noise, no strong locks on the gates. She implied that there were more people, but we only saw her.

So is Terminus another Woodbury, or an actual sanctuary? If it is, it won’t be when Joe gets there.

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