The Walking Dead Recap, ‘Slabtown’


In Sunday night’s episode, we finally found out what happened to Beth and learned that people are alike all over

Since Beth was kidnapped, the lingering question had been who took and why. It seemed like Daryl was the only one who seemed to care that she was still out there, somewhere, and she was concerned about him, asking the female officer Dawn Lerner if he was with her when she was taken. Beth was being cared for at Grady Memorial Hospital, which was still operating thanks to a few remaining staff including a doctor named Steven Edwards. In return for them “saving” her life, she is expected to help them take care of patients and keep the place running. Right off the bat, something seems off about these people and their rules. Beth realizes that she has to pay for everything, including her food, and that the price for staying there is way too high.

When Joan, a woman who was working as a nurse, tries to escape, she is bitten by a walker and then has her arm amputated. If she was willing to take her chances with the walkers, then something must have been too awful for her to endure at the hospital. Enter Office Gorman, who you just instantly wanted to die. He makes it obvious to Beth after she’s been awake for all of 5 minutes that he wants to have sex with her, whether she wants to or not. I hate that the threat of rape is what made it possible, but in that moment, I was rooting for Beth. Rooting for her to get the hell out of there, to get back to Daryl or anyone that wasn’t going to hurt her. The only person she finds she can trust is Noah, who had then for about a year, working in the laundry room. He tells her that he thinks he was treated instead of his father because he was bigger and stronger, and they thought he would be easier to control.

When she sees a patient they brought in starting to have a seizure, she knows he’s going to die so she stabs him in the head with a pair of scissors. Officer Dawn is peeved, so Noah takes the blame for her and gets a beating from the other officers. Dawn thinks Beth is weak, pointing to the scars on her wrist from her suicide attempt, and in her delusion actually thinks that they’re all doing the right thing at the hospital. Later Beth steals some keys in Dawn’s office, where Joan has bled out and died on the floor. Seeing an opportunity, Gorman comes in to blackmail her, and just as he begins to put his hand up her shirt, Beth smashes him over the head with the lollipop jar and lets Joan have her way with him. She escapes with Noah, while hearing Dawn and another officer’s screams from down the hall, through the elevator shaft where they had been dumping the bodies of patients. Noah falls and hurts his leg, but is well enough to go outside where it looks like they could have a chance.


She shoots her way through a group of walkers, but is taken down by some officers. Noah manages to evade all of them, but how long can he last out there by himself? Inside, Dr. Edwards reveals that Beth was an important part of his plan to make sure he was the only doctor in the hospital. He purposely gave him the wrong medication, knowing that she would act. Beth had enough reason, and the courage, to kill him, but then she sees that they’ve brought in a new patient, Carol.

Unless you’re into that whole Baryl thing, she probably hasn’t been your favorite character, but Beth needed this episode. She certainly needed the growth. As slow as it had been, since she stopped feeling sorry for herself and got drunk like a normal post-teenage girl, Beth became a person and a stronger character. At times, it does seems like they make the villains, whether they be out right bad folks or ambiguously bad like the people at the hospital, extra awful to get us to cheer for their deaths. You have wonder if the main group are the last semi-sane people left in the world. Or at least Georgia.

Carol didn’t look too beat up or sick when they wheeled her in, so do you think Noah was the person Daryl found in the woods and he told them about the hospital? Or did she leave and something happened to her on the road? Tell us theories!

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