The Walking Dead Recap, ‘Isolation’



While talking to my sister about the The Walking Dead, she mentioned that she liked that they had stepped up the gore. There wasn’t a lot of that in ‘Isolation,’ save for an intense chase scene with four of the group members. The walkers are just 50% of the problem, with that deadly flu spreading through the prison fast. There’s also the issue of Carol taking matters into her own hands.



Photo:Gene Page/AMC

With no other solution, everyone who is sick is quarantined, while everyone else has to pick up slack and hope they don’t have to bury more of their friends. Glenn catches it, as does Sasha, leaving them both feeling helpless. Glenn tells Hershel that it’s easier to deal with the dead and living, but with this unseen force they’re just digging graves. Hershel volunteers to take over as the prison’s main doctor when the actual doctor becomes sick too. This worries Maggie and Beth as everyone and everything basically goes on lock-down. There are a couple of characters who we know won’t be dying anytime soon, but would the show be brave enough to kill off their father or Maggie’s boyfriend?

Tyreese is understandably upset over finding his girlfriend and David’s burned bodies. Him and Rick fight when he gets too close to the bodies and Rick almost beats him to death. Rick and Tyreese are buddies in the comic, so it sucked to see them going at it this way. When Daryl, Michonne and Bob set off to find antibiotics at a local vet hospital, they get him to come along but the trip is cut short by a massive wave of walkers. Daryl can’t turn the car around, so they’re forced to get out and run through the woods. In a moment of despair, Tyreese sits in the car contemplating death until he decides to fight and sacrifices himself so that Daryl, Michonne and Bob can get away. He does catch up with them in the woods, a little beaten and battered, but not bitten.

Back at the prison, Rick uses his skills as a Sheriff to investigate the are where Karen and David’s bodies were. He discovers a bloody hand print on the door and immediately knows who did it. When Carol is out getting more water, she carelessly ignores the walkers at the fence who are more interested in food than the flimsy distraction they put at the fence. Rick has to save her, he even used his gun, but Carol’s reaction to almost getting bit was strange. As was her admission that she was the one who burned the bodies. It was so cold, especially considering that she had earlier told Tyreese that she was sorry about what happened to them. Cool and collected Carol has gone rogue, and i’m sure she thinks she was doing that for the good of the group, but where I once was rooting for her to toughen up, I think she needs to take it down a notch.

The flu kills pretty fast, and with no regular medical attention and pretty poor diet, I don’t think anyone’s immune system is strong enough to fight it off. It’s not like they have Walgreen’s giving out flu shots. Daryl and the others weren’t that far away from the prison when they came across what the comics called ‘The Horde.’ With so many, and some of their best men, and women, in the sickbay, how are they going to fend them off? What is Tyreese going to do when he finds out Carol killed Karen, if Rick even tells him. So many questions!

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