The Walking Dead Recap, ‘Inmates’


After a strong mid-season return, ‘The Walking Dead’ keeps up the momentum with another strong episode that splits up the group and introduces some intriguing new characters.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC 

While Rick, Carl and Michonne are sitting comfortably in a house, the same can’t be said for Beth and Daryl. The pair are out in the woods following a cold trail of footsteps. Beth has been writing in a diary she found, though none of her voice over really makes any sense. Determined to find other survivors from the prison, or anyone not dead, Beth insisted on tracking rather than just sitting her butt down for more than a couple of minutes. Daryl has never been the most talkative person, but I was waiting for him to tell her to shut up. They fight off a couple of walkers, two of which appear to be children, which makes Beth break down. I can appreciate that Beth is fighting for her survival, but she reminded me a lot of Carl here. Eager, willing, but not really ready.

The question that plagued us since November was if baby Judith was really dead. Luckily, Tyreese rescued her, along with those two weirdo kids, Lizzie and Mika. Judith is barely in her toddler stages, and is probably scared and hungry so her cries didn’t bother me, but Mika’s whining did. During a diaper change, she gets scared off by a bird, A BIRD, and runs off. Tyreese leaves them in the woods to fight off some walkers and is the only other dude to survive the small melee. To keep Judith quiet from creeping walkers, Lizzie puts her hand over her mouth and I totally thought this child was going to smother the baby. These kids are the absolute worst–worse than Carl ever was. Carol showing up was a little too convenient for me. She told Tyreese that she watched the prison burn down, and then followed them as they trekked through the woods. The remaining survivor from the walker attack tells them to follow the railroad tracks to a place called “Terminus.” If you remember, this is one of the things Tyreese heard on the radio along with Daryl, Michonne and Bob before they got stuck in the road in the episode “Isolation.” This place could be a real sanctuary, or another Woodbury.


Maggie, Sasha and an injured Bob ended up together, and Maggie’s mind is on what happened to her family. They head out to the road where they saw the bus go and find it full of the now dead members of the prison group. Walker Glenn wasn’t among them, so where was he? Still at the damn prison! I felt so bad for Glenn, waking up still delirious from his illness and finding, almost, everyone gone. He was even more Andrea’d than Michonne was. He fights his way out using the riot gear and finds Tara sitting behind a gate. He rescues her and she apologizes for being a part of The Governor’s group. As they fight off a couple of walkers, Glenn collapses and Tara meets the passengers of a big military truck.

If you’ve read the comics then you are very familiar with Abraham Ford and his cohorts Rosita Espinosa and Eugene Porter. Abraham is being played by ‘Southland’ star Michael Cudlitz, so I know he’s going to bring it with this role. The show never closely follows what happens in the comics, but the introduction of these three characters and the sanctuary could spell a whole lot of trouble for the group, and may even change the location of the show.

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