The Walking Dead Recap, ‘Infected’



Sunday night’s episode might go down in ‘The Walking Dead’ history as one of the grossest, which should appease the gore seeking fans of the show. It also proved to be one of the most emotional and death filled, highlighting the sad realities of their situation. How long did we expect characters whose names we didn’t even know to last anyways?

michonne (1)


At the end of ‘30 Days Without An Accident,’ Patrick hacked himself to death and then woke up as a walker. He shuffled through the prison in the early hours of the morning and ate a couple of people who then tore through the prison. Rick and the others quickly realized that none of the dead had bite marks but something killed them. Whatever the flu that got Patrick is, it spread pretty quickly, and that means everyone who was exposed has to be separated from everyone who wasn’t. In the chaos of the flu walker attack, Michonne is injured at the gate when she tried to rush back in to help. I’m sure that foot injury won’t keep her out of commission for long. Ryan, the father of Lizzy and Mika (the two little girls who had been naming the walkers at the fence) is bitten and as Carol goes to amputate his arm, she notices a cut on the back of his neck. He’s dead either way, so she brings in his daughters for a last goodbyee, and to drive a knife through his neck. Uh, yikes. I understand what Carol is trying to do, but their dad wasn’t officially dead yet before she was trying to get them to suck it up and move on. She takes on the bloody task when the older one, Lizzy, can’t do it.

The other big issue is the growing hoard of walkers at the outside fence. No matter how many they kill, they keep coming and wood planks can only keep it up for so long. So Rick decides to sacrifice the three little pigs they have left to get them away from it. This signaled the end of Farmer Rick and the return of good old Sheriff Rick, who put on his belt, took of his shirt (yay!) and burned the pig pen down. He also gave Carl his gun back, after he told him that Carol had been teaching the kids how to use knives. Now that peace has been broken, again, and they lost a handful of people, they need all the manpower they have. There was another touching moment when Beth and Michonne discussed people that lost their children when all this happened. Michonne reluctantly takes Judith while Beth cleans up sheds tears over something from her past. We’ve gotten so little of Michonne’s backstory that I hope this is a sign that we will learn more about her life pre-walkers. If you’ve read the comics then you know she was a mother, which explains why she avoided, but then embraced baby Judith.



One of the annoying aspects of the show though, is how someone, usually a new character, will get a little development and then boom, they’re gone. So I wasn’t surprised to see that Karen, Tyreese’s lady friend, had gotten the bug. They stayed away from each other for the rest of the day, but when Tyreese brought her some flowers he found her cell empty and the floor smeared with blood. He followed the blood trail outside to see two crispy bodies. So there’s a flu, a killer and the mystery of who has been feeding the walkers at the fence rats (probably one of those damn kids) plaguing the group. Can these people get a break, please?

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