The Walking Dead Recap, ‘Four Walls and a Roof’


There were some slow moments bookended by some pretty intense scenes on last night’s ‘The Walking Dead.’ Bob bit the dust, Rick got some delicious revenge, and the group splits up, for now.

There was a lot of talking in this episode, which might have worried some of the gorehound fans. Gabriel explained those creepy carvings outside on the church walls. When members of his congregations came to the church for refuge at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, he refused to let them in. Curiously, there aren’t a lot of bodies around the church, and the group hasn’t seen that many walkers. Maybe they got tired of waiting for filet-o-priest and shuffled off. Rick is set on killing Gareth and the remaining Terminians for what they did to Bob, but Abraham thinks that going to Washington D.C., and protecting Dr. Mullet, is a bigger priority. Considering that everyone vetoed going back to Terminus to finish these fools off, they should have been with him on this. If they would have killed them when they had the chance, Bob would still have two legs, at least. Though he still wouldn’t have been completely out of the woods.


Sure enough, Bob was bitten by the water walker and he delights in telling Gareth that he is eating his tainted leg meat. Seeing as how everyone is infected, though Gareth might not know that, it really doesn’t matter. But it is still totally gross. So Bob was going to die either way, and at least his final moments were spent with Sasha. She was gung ho to take out Gareth, but her brother is still on that whole no killing people thing. I’m glad that Sasha felt like she needed to avenge Bob, defend the group, and most importantly, stick up for herself. Rick doing exactly what he said he was going to do in the season opener was a cheer worth moment that couldn’t have come sooner. Gareth deserved to die, if only because he talked too damn much.


In the light of day, when it was safe to leave, Glenn kept his promise to Abraham that if they stayed to help them, he and Maggie would leave with their group. Again, why isn’t Maggie concerned about her sister? Did she just assume she was dead? Well of course, she isn’t. We’ll find out who took Beth next episode, and it seems she was being kept at a hospital. On the map Abraham left Rick, he apologized for being a dick and hoped that he and the others would eventually join them in D.C. The world does need more Rick Grimes, doesn’t it?

Did Bob’s death leave a meaty…er…sour taste in your mouth? How do you think the group will do without two of it’s core members? Let us know!

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