The Walking Dead Recap, ‘Alone’


The Walking Dead‘ always leaves you asking, “what would I do in this situation?” As important as it is, surviving in that world just seems mundane and exhausting. We get a tiny bit of back story with Bob, who is probably the most optimistic person on the show next to Beth. Surviving is a lot easier when there is something to live for, and Bob is trying to get his sort of, maybe, kind of love interest Sasha to realize that.


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When the season began, Bob was one of many at the prison and we found out quickly that his is still haunted by alcoholism. The temptation almost got to him, but someone lost their life in the process. Before he became apart of the group, he was on his own, wandering through the woods and hiding on top of an abandoned truck. Daryl and Glenn pick him up on the road, but not before he answers the 3 questions. He has killed dozens of walkers, but only one human, and because she asked him. I don’t think Bob is trying to fit in, as much as he is just happy to not be alone. His happy-go-lucky attitude annoys Sasha, but he’s just trying to get her to see that giving up can’t be an option. After they fight off some walkers in the fog, Maggie leaves them at their campsite in the woods as she sets off to keep looking for Glenn. Along the way she leaves messages for him in blood telling him to go to Terminus. Sasha just wants to settle down somewhere and be safe, perhaps fearing that the so called sanctuary is just another Woodbury.

When Bob goes to find Maggie on his own, Sasha goes into a building and spots Maggie laying on the ground by two bodies. The two fight off another pack of walkers and decide that the best thing to do is to just stick together and get Terminus. They catch up to Bob on the tracks and seem to be on their way to reuniting with some of the other survivors. So, let’s talk about that kiss. If you overlook the fact that neither of them have brushed their teeth in days, the kiss between Sasha and Bob was pretty sweet. It was kind of a “shut up kiss,” but it worked and wasn’t totally unexpected. I’m a lot more comfortable with the tension between these two than I am with what’s going on with Beth and Daryl. At the end we see Glenn touching the Terminus sign, so i’m glad that this reunion is going to happen sooner than later.

“Baryl” find another swanky place to stay for a night, this time it’s a funeral home. The place is suspiciously clean and stocked with food, even though it’s mostly diet soda, pb&j and pig feet. The comfort doesn’t last too long, as a couple of walkers enter the house and Daryl gets cornered down in the embalming room. He tells Beth to go wait for him down the road, but when he finally gets out, he finds nothing but her bag as a car speeds away. He runs after it but collapses in the street from exhaustion. He’s waken up by a gang of dudes, the leader named Joe seems to know a lot about bows. He offers Daryl a place in the gang but everything about this screamed NO! This guy was the same one that Rick encountered back at the house he, Carl and Michonne occupied for a while. If he’s willing to kill someone over a bed, he’s not going to be helpful in any way, as I assume Daryl only went with them so that they could help him find Beth.


Honestly, Beth could just stay gone forever and I would be fine, but I do want to know who kidnapped her. Was it one of Joe’s guys? The owner of the funeral home? Glenn appeared to be by himself, so did he ditch Tara and Abraham’s group? When are we going to see Rick and Michonne again? So many questions!

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