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After a little hiatus, ‘The Walking Dead’ is back with one of the best episodes of the season. Episodes that focus on one or two characters usually don’t go over well, like ‘Live Bait’ from this season which was all about The Governor, and even though there isn’t much action, we do get lots of character development. We get a much needed look at Michonne’s past life, while Carl realizes that he has a long way to go before he can be on his own.


Carl might be the brattiest kid on television, but damn if you don’t want to give him a hug, sometimes. Separated from the group after the battle at the prison, Rick and Carl trudge along, bickering all the way to a BBQ restaurant. They then settle in a house and while Rick is trying to make sure it’s safe, Carl antagonizes him and even brings up how Shane taught him how to secure a door. Cold Carl, just cold. Rick passes out on the couch, seemingly dead, so Carl takes the opportunity to prove he can survive by himself. He takes on two walkers, but almost has his foot bitten off by one he successfully locks in a bedroom. High off chocolate pudding, he has an angsty John Hughes moment where he berates his dad for their family and friends being dead. Just when it seemed like Carl was about to hit orphan status, Rick wakes up before Carl can shoot him. Having to put down both of your parents would have been too much for this child, and I hate the writers for making us think Rick had turned!


The group basically Andrea’d Michonne by leaving her by herself at the prison. She puts Hershel’s head out of it’s misery, makes two new pets and heads through the woods, being followed by a group of walkers. With the help of the two two walkers she has on leashes, she blends in with the dead and spots one that looks like herself. In a dream, or nightmare rather, we see Michonne’s boyfriend Mike, the father of her child, and another friend of theirs before they became her old pets. The three discuss going down to an army base and Mike tells Michonne have valuable she and her kitana are. There were tiny clues throughout this scene to clue us in to the fact that it was a dream. The lights dimmed, Mike and his friends’ clothes changed and got bloody.It was awkward and ended on a horrific note with Michonne seeing the two dead with their mouths and arms cut off. Her son disappears and we see the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Atlanta. So what happened to that precious baby of hers, and how many times has Michonne dreamt about her past life?

Snapping back to reality, Michonne doesn’t want to walk among the dead anymore, so in an emotional move she slays all the walkers around and decides to keep pressing on. She follows Rick and Carl’s footsteps to the BBQ place, and eventually finds the house they’ve been staying in. I was so happy to see the three of them reunited and if this ended up being the Michonne and Grimes Family show, I wouldn’t mind. We catch up to the other half of the group next episode and i’m sure everyone will meet up again, but who or what is going to be the big threat for this half of the season? There are a couple of characters from the comics, like a group of survivors called The Saviors who have a leader even worse than The Governor, that would be a great addition to the show. For now though, it seems like the main thing is just surviving.

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  1. Carl is a brat no doubt but in this episode you see the angry teenager caught up in an angry and scary world.