‘The Walking Dead’ – A Guv’nuh Appreciation Post


I was a huge fan of The Walking Dead, first season. Zombie brain pulp, tension, slashing Rick and Shane… I mean, what? (honestly, how could you not see the chemistry between those two…) Popular opinion is that it’s still a good show, but I think it’s become rubbish written with crayons by school children. Just sayin’.


There’s one saving grace, and that might be because I love me some tall, sociopathic, crazy-eyed mofos.

Oh, yeah. Work it, Honey.
Oh, yeah. Work it, Honey.

Let’s face it…the quiet ones with the crazy eyes are always the best. Look at him. He’s so pensive. Homicidal. Cheeky bastard. Don’t you just want to pinch his jowls? And if there’s anything I appreciate most, it’s character development while staying true to their inner demons. And I think dear ol’ Brian has quite a few.

Wonder why they keep ending up underwater, though…

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