The Voice Recap, The Final Night of The Battle Rounds

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The remaining contestants tried their best to earn the last couple of spots on the coaches’ teams, and Usher had the last Steal of the game. It was pretty obvious who he was going to use it for, which made it less dramatic but the singer was worth it. Here’s how the last Battles went down.

Team Adam

Cary Laine vs Sam Beyhmer. These two were a good match for each other, and did very well on stage, but it took a lot of work during rehearsals to get them to that point. Cary needed to connect emotionally with the song, while Sam had to stop it with those little yodels she kept throwing in there. On stage, there were a couple of pitch issues, but their performance of Ed Sheeran‘s “Give Me Love” got the crowd on it’s feet. It came down to a matter of taste for all the coaches, and Adam Levine decided to stick with Sam, sending Cary home.

Adam had another battle between Christina Grimmie and Joshua Howard, Christina won.

Team Blake

Kaleigh Glanton vs Noah Lis. Blake Shelton gave them Michael Buble‘s “Everything,” which was a better fit for Noah than it was for Kaleigh. He knew that, but tried to over sing it during rehearsals. On stage they had some nice harmony, but I have to agree with Usher than it came off a bit “loungey.” This wasn’t the best match up, but Blake had to choose a winner, and it was Kaleigh.

Blake also had second Battle between Cali Tucker and Ryan Whyte Maloney, Ryan won.

Team Shakira

Cierra Mickens vs Emily B. These two had to sing the ubiquitous “Brave” by Sara Bareilles, but didn’t have to sing it exactly the way she does. It all came down to phrasing, with both putting their own mark on the song. I really liked both of them here, and it didn’t matter which one of them Shakira declared the winner because we know the last steal was going to be used here. Emily is still Team Shakira, while Cierra will be moving on with Usher as her coach.

Shakira had another battle between Kristen Merlin and Lindsay Bruce, Kristen won.

So the Battles are over, and next week will be the new round, called uh, The Battles Round 2. They couldn’t have thought of a snazzier title for this? Oh well. The competition continues next week!

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