The Voice recap, The Final Night of The Battle Rounds Part 2

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It was the final night of the 2nd part of the Battle Rounds. Which meant we wouldn’t be seeing Chris Martin in that tight, grey t-shirt anymore. I’m a little sad, to be honest. Of course Blake Shelton‘s last steal was saved for the end of the show, but let’s see how the other contestants did first.

Team Shakira

Clarissa Serna vs Dani Moz. The two picked Pink‘s “Perfect” for their battle, and it was the perfect choice for them to showcase their big voices. There wasn’t much for them to work on during rehearsals, other than a suggestion to move around the stage a bit more. Adam touched on how shaky both of them sounded, but they both sounded pretty good. Overall, I just like Clarissa’s style more, but Shakira picked Dani as the winner.

Team Blake

Kaleigh Glanton vs Ryan Whyte Maloney. They went for a comfortable choice, Rascal Flatt‘s “Easy,” which features Natasha Bedingfield. I was a little surprised at the rasp that Ryan brought out for this one, and I think the other coaches were too. Kaleigh held her own though, and I think it was easy for Blake to stick with her because he was still gushing over her audition.

Team Adam

Kat Perkins vs Dawn & Hawkes. “Suddenly I See” by K.T. Tunstall was their choice, but the stripped downed arrangement didn’t really work for me. Kat had the challenge of not trying to sing over the duo, but I do think she got a little shouty towards the end. D&H just kind of brought the charm, but the whole performance was a little blah for me. Adam agreed with his fellow dude coaches though, he picked Kat as the winner.

Brittnee Camelle vs Jake Barker. So Britt and Jake were both stolen from Usher’s team, so why not do an Usher song? “Climax” is challenge for anyone, hell even Usher sometimes, but it was an ambitious choice. Neither of them could really compete with Ursh’s falsetto, and Jake’s lower register just wasn’t cooperating. Which is why Adam choosing him to move on was a headscratcher. Brittnee definitely has potential, and the stronger voice.

Team Usher

Melissa Jimenez vs Music Box. The ladies chose Alicia Keys‘ “Girl On Fire,” which Adam would later tell them is a really hard song to sing. Music really dominated here, while at times it seemed like Melissa was struggling to keep up but she did get in a really great run. I personally would have picked Music, but i’m sure Usher sees something good in Melissa. And it sucks that Blake already picked who he was going to use his steal for.

Bria Kelly vs Madilyn Paige. This didn’t bring the excitement I would expect from the last battle, mostly because it was so predictable. They sang “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders, and it was pretty evenly matched, though I didn’t like Madilyn’s enunciation think Bria will be more of an asset to Usher’s team than Madilyn will be for Blake’s team.

Because I can’t count, there will be a Top 20, not 18, moving on to the Playoffs. Those start Tuesday night.

Who do you think has the best team going into the Playoffs? Are you going to miss Usher’s big, fur hat? Let us know!


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