‘The Voice’ Recap, Night 4 of the Blind Auditions

The Voice - Season 5

Photo: NBC

I complained that Monday night’s show was a little dull, and it was, but Tuesday night’s episode brought the excitement and great voices. With better singers comes a bigger demand, and no matter how many times he stuck his tattooed head out for someone, Cee Lo couldn’t catch a break. Which begs the question, why doesn’t anyone want to be on Team Green?

Will Champlin was first out of the gate with “Not Over You” by Gavin Degraw. If he hadn’t sounded so good I would have rooted against him, it was the white-rimmed glasses, and he got turns from all of the guys. He picked Adam over Cee Lo and Blake. Sam Cerniglia looked exactly how he sounded, like a Michael Buble wannabe. No surprise that he chose Buble’s “It’s A Beautiful Day” but couldn’t match the charm of Michael’s voice for me. He picked Blake as his coach.


James Irwin was back for a second chance after he auditioned last season and got no turns, though the story losing his daughters not soon after their births touched a lot of hearts. This time sang REM‘s “Losing My Religion” which got all four coaches to hit their buttons. I think he would have been great on anyone’s team, but he decided to chose Adam as his coach.

Tons of young, but very talented, contestants take the stage in hopes of getting a spot on the show. Sometimes they’re good enough to get the coaches attention, sometimes they’re a Macey Estes. Technically a good singer, at the beginning of her performance of Ariana Grande‘s “The Way,” both Blake and Adam noted how young she sounded. This resulted in no turns, and she even got a range lesson from Christina. She just can’t help busting out one of those high notes. Jennifer Newberry also got no turns. She reminded me a bit of Robyn, perhaps it was the blonde cropped hair, oh and she’s Swedish. I liked the 80s vibe of her voice, but her version of “Locked Out of Heaven” lacked ummph, and the coaches all agreed that she needed to figure out what style best fits her voice.

Jason Kerston, from Seattle looked like the missing sixth member of One Direction, was actually a bit of a metal head. He would have done better with a better song choice as well, but he could always start a band.

I think Cee Lo is the Adam of this season. Though he presented some good arguments, it took a couple of tries to get some members on his team. There was Stephanie Anne Thompson, classically trained but wanted to show she was versatile. Again, I appreciate when performers go against what you would expect them to do, but she didn’t allow her voice to shine with “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.” She did get two turns, and a coach in Cee Lo. He also gained R. Anthony, one of the standouts of the night. He lost Olivia Henken, a Country singer who obviously wanted Blake, but had to settle for Xtina.


Ashley DuBose, a single mother and computer analyst, wowed the crowed and coaches with Rihanna‘s “Diamonds.” The coaches fought hard for her, but ultimately Adam made the best case. It really is time to dethrone Blake!

As it stands, both Adam and Christina have 10 members each. Blake and Cee Lo both have nine. Maybe he’s turning for the wrong type of singers, but Cee Lo seems to be having a hard time gaining singers. He’s known as the “weird” coach, which might be hurting him, but he is the most sincere sometimes, and he has cat and bird! Isn’t that enough?What do you think of the coaches’ teams so far? Let us know!


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