‘The Voice’ Recap, Night 3 Of The Blind Auditions

The Voice - 2013 The Original 4 Are Back!
The Voice – 2013


Though there were a handful of great contestants, ‘The Voice’ was a bit lackluster in it’s third night of blind auditions. I hope this isn’t a sign that the show is getting stale, but I was waiting for a singer to really wow me, and I know the coaches were, too.


Ray Boudreaux was the first contestant, a single dad who was looking for a better life for and his daughter. I don’t think his performance of Bill Withers‘ “Use Me” was all that great, but he did get Blake and Cee Lo to turn for him. Christina seemed to be looking to her fellow coaches for a sign that this guy was worth fighting for. Not too hard of a choice for him, he goes with Blake.


Xtina did turn for Lina Gaudenzi, a former model who auditioned with “Landslide.” Again, I didn’t think Lina had that special of a voice, but she had two turns, and secured a spot on Team Xtina. Juhi, had an interesting enough voice, and name, to get two turns from Green and Aguilera. Duffy‘s “Mercy” was a great choice for her, and I hope Cee Lo gets her to change up her style a little as her coach.

Unfortunately for Malford Milligan and Zach Hinson, there were no turns. Malford brought a great backstory, and some smooth R&B, to the stage. But his rendition of “Let’s Stay Together” wasn’t enough for the coaches. Blake did encourage him to record an album though. Hinson was looking for a safer career in music, his day job is fighting fires, but that career change will have to wait. He also got some encouragement from Shelton. I think Blake is doing a good job of sticking with his goal to switch things up this season. He passed, or as Adam put it “let him have” Justin Blake who was obviously vying for Shelton’s attention by singing one of his songs, “Sure Be Cool If You Did.” Blake didn’t bite for Blake, but he earned a coach in Levine. Shelton did pick up Monika Leigh, who wanted to get back into singing after she quit at only 22. She got turns form all the guys, and even though she thought she wasn’t “Country enough” for Shelton to coach, she chose him anyways.



Timyra-Joi has an oddly spelled named, but a big voice for a 15-year old. She is well trained, which means she’s ready for the competition. I would have liked for her to have sang something different, “Girl On Fire” has been sung to death, but it gave her a chance to show off her pipes. She’ll be a great fit on Xtina’s team. I expected George Horga, Jr. to get more love from the coaches while he sang “Treasure,” but only got one turn from Green. Maybe they were a little put off by how closely his voice resembeled Bruno Mars‘, I hope Cee Lo can help him be a strong competitor. He’s a cutie! In case you hadn’t heard,

Kaley Cuoco‘s sister Briana auditioned, and she wasn’t that bad. She wasn’t all that good either, but narratives, right? Briana works as her sister’s assistant and basically wanted a bigger and better job for herself. Her voice sounded too low during “You and I” almost sounding like she was mumbling. Nerves perhaps, but she got Christina and Cee Lo’s attention and picked Aguilera as her coach.


Preston Pohl came from a church background and played in a Christian rock band for a while. Which made his song choice all the more weird. I do appreciate that he went for MGMT‘s “Electric Feel,” as did all the guys. I think he would have been a great fit on Cee Lo’s team, but he picked Adam.

Xtina is in the lead with 8 singer son her team, while the guys all have 7. Do you think the coaches made the right choices, and do you think the show is saving the best for last? Let us know!

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