The Voice Recap, Night 3 of the Battle Rounds

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It was a night for the duos of ‘The Voice‘ to shine. With the exception of the Swon Brothers from Season 4, no duo has really had a chance at winning, but that could all change this season. The competition continued with a couple of good Battles, especially from Usher‘s team. Here’s how they all did.

Team Adam

Austin Ellis vs Josh Kaufman. Adam Levine gave the two Pharrell Williams‘ “Happy” in a ploy to get the two to loosen up a bit. Their challenge was to engage the crow, and I think they did a good job of that, I really liked the chemistry they had on stage. Neither of them had the James Brown swag that Usher’s wanted from them, but both put out a good performance. All the guys sided with Josh and he was declared the winner, and I’ll try to ignore the fact that he looks like Jack Osbourne.

Adam’s second pairing was Dawn & Hawkes vs Josh Murley. The threesome had to sing “Stuck In The Middle With You,” which is a really fun song, but somehow they couldn’t get the energy up for it. During rehearsals, Josh was urged to find a way to stand out, but at times Dawn and her partner Hawkes came off like background singers. So it didn’t end up being the fun, karaoke bar version that Adam wanted it to be, but the duo was more of a standout so they will continue on with Adam as their coach. Shakira stole Josh for her team.

Team Blake 

Alaska & Madi vs Audra McLaughlin. These three ladies were given Linda Rondstadt‘s “When Will I Be Loved” to sing. I actually think the three of them would make a nice singing group, they harmonized well and didn’t try to out sing each other. That made Blake Shelton‘s decision all the more harder but he decides to keep Audra, who stood out a bit more during her solo part.


Team Shakira

Deja Hall vs Music Box. Somehow I missed a woman going by Music Box auditioning, but I see why Shakira turned for her. Her voice is a lot more mature and overall she is quite polished compared to Deja. “Eternal Flame” was much more of a match for Music’s voice. Deja has a nice lower register, but it definitely needs time to grow. Still, Shakira picks her as the winner, leaving Music to be stolen by Usher.


Team Usher

Ursh’s first match up was between Madilyn Paige and Tanner James. Don’t these two look like the stars of some book series turned movie franchise. As cute as they are, Usher and his team mentor Jill Scott really had to push them to connect during Taylor Swift‘s “Everything Has Changed.” Usher’s motivation tactics come off a bit hokey, but they do work. Adam called their performance “sincere,” and Madilyn was crowned the winner. I think Tanner would have been a bit hit with the ladies if he had stayed.

The last performance of the night went to Bria Kelly and Tess Boyer. They were given Janis Joplin‘s “Piece of My Heart,” a classic that they could both do a lot with. This was pretty evenly matched, but I wish the girls had really made use of those Take Its and Break Its throughout the chorus. There were some great moments near the end, especially from Bria, which is why Usher picked her as the winner. But this isn’t the last we’ll see of Tess, she was stolen by Blake.

The Battle Rounds continue on Tuesday night. Whose team do you think had the best match up, and did you agree with the decisions? Let us know!

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