The Voice Recap, Night 2 of the Battle Rounds Part Deux

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If you’ve made it this far on ‘The Voice‘ then you’re a pretty good singer, but you have to show how much better you can be. That’s the challenge for the remaining singers as they sing against their friends for a spot in the Top 16. Song choice is key, and Tuesday night’s battles saw some good ones. Here’s how they all did.

Team Blake

Biff Gore vs Sisaundra Lewis. I guess we could call this one the Battle of the Old School. Biff and Sis went for James Brown‘s “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” which would give both of them plenty of room to do their respective things. Biff worried that he was screaming the lyrics instead of really singing them, but Blake encouraged both of them command the stage and go big. They did just that, turning the song into a cool duet, but after that crazy amazing note from Sisaundra at the end, I’m sure Biff knew this would be his last time performing on the show. So Sisaundra moves on to the Live Rounds.

Team Shakira

Ddendyl vs Deja Hall. The girls chose the hit “Say Something” by A Great Big World, which was first performed live on the show with Christina Aguilera. I don’t think either of them had the range for this, but i’ll give them an A for effort. Even though the other coaches commented on how different they sounded, I think my problem with this performance is that they sounded too much alike at certain points. Shakira chose Deja as the winner because of her progress, and I hope she’s allowed to do that in the competition.

Shakira had another battle between Kristen Merlin and Emily B. with Merlin being the winner.

Team Usher

Morgan Wallen vs Stevie Jo. Morgan, who looks like a long lost Hanson brother, wasn’t that excited about singing against his friend, but the two made for a fine pair. Stevie started his singing career with rock and metal, but he does have a nice voice for R&B. I wish Usher would have given something along those lines, but they settled on “Story Of My Life” by One Direction. Morgan showed off his nice rasp, and even a little bit of falsetto, but Usher stuck with the versatile Stevie. Just as Morgan was about to say his thank-yous, Adam pushed his button and snatched him for his team.

I criticized Chris Martin for being a little, well, beige, but he’s growing on me. He seems genuinely interested in the contestants, and maybe my years of kind of ignoring Coldplay kept me from hearing that soothing voice of his. I hope he’s enjoying his new life full of carbs, sugar and gluten. The competition continues on Monday night with the final night of the Battles Part 2!

2 Responses to The Voice Recap, Night 2 of the Battle Rounds Part Deux

  1. Biff and Sisaundra was definitely the highlight of the night. They were amazing and it is sad that one of them had to go. This is the only bad thing about the battles. I always have to lose a favorite. One thing is true. Adam said he feels sorry for other singing shows because The Voice is the best around, he is so right!

    • I totally agree! The other shows are downright embarrassing. I love The Voice–and can’t WAIT for Pharrell to replace Cee-Lo. (He’s one of my Boos. <3 ) xoxo j