‘The Voice’ Recap, First Results Show of the Season

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Monday saw the first live performances from the Top 12, and everyone did pretty well. Some brought their A game, while other performances were marred by technical difficulties and nerves. 2 singers would get boot on Tuesday night, but first, there were a couple of live (sort of) performances from the coaches.


Yes, I’m talking about you, Shakira. I actually really like her new song, “Empire,” but I don’t think she sang one note of it liveAdam Levine and his team, which remained intact, sang a decent version of Peter Gabriel‘s “Sledgehammer.” I was looking for more oomph, which is totally a thing, ok! Blake Shelton and his team members sang Travis Tritt‘s “Put Some Drive In Your Country.” It was nice to hear Sisaundra put her soulful spin on the twangy tune. I was surprised to see her get her results so late in the show. That might not have much to do with how many votes the contestants get, but she moves on to the Top 10 along with Blake’s other singers, Audra McLaughlin and Jake Worthington.

The last three standing were Usher‘s T.J. Wilkins and two thirds of Shakira’s team, Dani Moz and Tess Boyer. Other than some pitch issues, Dani did great with Pink‘s “Give Me One Reason,” and Tess being in the Bottom 3 could be chalked up to a boring song choice. They all sang to be saved, T.J. was especially impressive with Edwin McCain‘s “I’ll Be.” The knee drop really sold it, but after the Twitter Save, Ursh and Shakira both had to say goodbye to one of their singers, but Tess will go on to see another week in the competition.

Do you think the voters got it right? I don’t think the Twitter vote is unfair, and they are trying to help West Coast viewers get a say by posting results during commercials. This show really has taken over NBC.

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  1. I was fine with the top 10. I think TJ was lucky he had gotten that far and I found Dani’s emotions while singing a bit much. I also think they “saved” contestants at certain times to keep viewers. I would have turned the channel sooner if they hadn’t. Shakira’s performance was a pathetic lipsync, and I give the best performance of the night to Team Blake!