The Voice Recap, First Night of The Playoff Rounds

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The Playoff Rounds, which used to be live, are underway on ‘The Voice‘ Blake Shelton‘s team was up first. His five singers would pick their own songs to perform in hopes that they would land one of the three spots on his team going into the live rounds. Here’s how they all did.

Audra McLaughlin chose Martina McBride‘s “Broken Wing” for her performance. The only critique Blake had to give her was to not try the falsetto run she went for during rehearsals on stage. Audra has great range, and she did go for a little run, but it sounded much better here. That plus her big notes, and almost flawless ending, she was a sure thing for the Top 12.

Ryan Whyte Maloney sang “Second Chance” by Shinedown. The song had a lot of meaning for him, and if he had listened to his parents he’d be singing in the Army instead on this show. Ryan wasn’t as good as he should have been here, the other coaches noted, he came off a little strained, but you could tell he was fighting for his spot.

Madilyn Paige chose “Clarity” by Zedd to sing. I think this might have been too tough of a song for her to tackle. She doesn’t really have the range for it, and the coaches felt how hard she was trying while singing it. Still, Usher noted how capable he knows she is as she was stolen from his team. Madilyn is cute, but not strong enough of a competitor to really make it on the show.

Jake Worthington dedicated Jake Owen‘s “Anywhere You Are” to his longtime girlfriend, which made his performance super sweet. He’s come a long way for a guy that didn’t get any turns when he auditioned last season. When asked how he thought he did, he said he was a little shaky, and he was, but I think overall it was a performance good enough to get him to the next round.

Sisaundra Lewis picked Billy Joel‘s “New York State Of Mind” for her song. Blake instructed her to reign it in just a bit and go for more subtle, but still great, notes. She brought the heat, and some amazing runs that earned her the compliment of “graceful” from Shakira. There was only one tiny misstep near the end, but otherwise it was another crazy good performance from her.

It might have been a difficult task for Blake, but I think his choices were pretty clear. Sisaundra, Jake and Audra will be his three singers for the live rounds, and he has great chances at winning with all three. The Playoffs continue on Monday, did you like Blake’s picks? Let us know!

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