The Voice Recap, Final Two Nights Of The Battle Rounds



The Battle Rounds are over and done with, the teams have been cut in half and the last steal was used. The show still has a little something up it’s sleeve though. We’ll get to that later, in the meantime here’s how the last couple of battles went.

Team Cee Lo 

George Horga and Juhi went against each other on Gavin DeGraw‘s “Best I Ever Had.” This one ended up being a little shouty, and George threw out a bad note, but Cee Lo decided to give him another chance. That left Juhi open to be stolen by Adam.


Jonny Gray and Shawn Smith were given the difficult “Refugee” by Tom Petty. Both of these former soldiers had a lot of personal experience to pull from, but Shawn struggled during rehearsals. Both guys have different, but complimentary tones, with Adam and Christina choosing Jonny as the winner. Cee Lo agreed with him and keeps Gray on his team. In an unaired battle, he also keeps Tamara Chauniece.

Team Blake


Blake gave Austin Jenckes and Brian Pounds an interesting track from the Bee Gees, “To Love Somebody.” Austin shined here more, probably because of the advice that mentor Cher gave him about not showing his cards at the beginning. It was a pretty easy decision to make, Blake declared Austin the winner.

In two unaired battles, Blake keeps Holly Henry and Brandon Chase.

 Team Adam

Matt Cermanski and James Irwin had to do their best on OneRepublic‘s hit “Counting Stars.” They had the benefit of having it’s writer and singer Ryan Tedder right there to help them, but when Matt asked that the key be lowered he was denied. So he had to suck it up and try to make it work, but neither of them gave the best performance but both had lots of energy. Adam keeps James and sends Matt home.


His second battle went much better, with James Wolpert and Will Champlin going head-to-head on Imagine Dragons‘ “Radioactive.” In rehearsals, it looked like a done deal for Will, as James struggled with his vibrato. The two end up pulling off a dynamic performance, and make Adam’s decision a lot harder. He keeps James, but luckily Christina uses her steal for Will.

Adam’s last match was between Barry Black and Preston Pohl. I can understand why he put them together. They have similar styles, but they also respect and compliment each other. They got a great song choice in The Temptations‘ “I Wish It Would Rain,” but Barry had to be warned against doing that whole mouth horn thing. They both had some trouble on stage, Preston with his notes, and Barry with his nonexistent horn. The two were good friends so it was sad to see them split up, but the battle went to Preston.

 Team Christina

Josh Logan and Michael Lynch were given Maroon 5‘s “Harder To Breathe.” I couldn’t believe Michael didn’t know this one, it was technically their first hit before “This Love,” and it is a great song. It’s also a little hard to sing. Xtina has to really pull the energy from these two, getting frustrated during rehearsals to the point of pretending to be the audience. I wasn’t sure how this one would go, they’re kind of the same artist but Josh overpowered Michael and won the battle.


Christina must be feeling a bit more Country and Rock this season. She chose the Dixie Chick‘s “Not Ready To Make Nice” for Destinee Quinn and Lina Guadenzi which both had a hard time with. On stage they ladies hit it out of the park without overdoing it too much. Their coach called it an “equal win,” but there can only be one winner. That was Destinee, but Lina isn’t through yet. She was stolen by Adam.


Christina’s last battle, and the last of Tuesday night’s show, came from Olivia Henken and Stephanie Anne Johnson. Kind of an odd pairing, a Country girl and an R&B singer with The Band Perry‘s “Done.” Olivia had the upper hand here, but Stephanie wasn’t going down without a fight. Christina raises the key to make it a little more of an even match, and even though it was a good show from both, the outcome was predictable. Xtina could keep Olivia and know that Cee Lo would use his last steal for Stephanie. Which is exactly what happened.

The competition continues next week with the Knockout Rounds, and the show adds one more gimmick. The coaches get one last steal. I’m sure someone better at math can figure that one out. Until next week!


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