The Voice Recap, Final Night of The Playoff Round

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It was Team Usher’s turn to fight for their spots in the Top 12. Here’s how they all did.

T.J. Wilkens sang “Tell Me Something Good” by Rufus & Chaka Khan. T.J. chose this song because Stevie Wonder wrote it, a little fact I didn’t know. During rehearsals, Usher noticed that T.J.’s voice kind of sounds like a horn at times, which is a good thing, but unfortunately, he didn’t as funky as he could have with this. I liked the runs he threw in there, but it also felt like he was holding back until the end.

Melissa Jimenez sang Beyonce‘s “Halo.” Melissa decided to strip down Bey’s big ballad, which really worked for her. As Blake Shelton noted, one of her big notes kind of got away from her, but otherwise she was on pitch and seemed really confident on stage.

Stevie Jo picked B. B. King‘s “The Thrill Is Gone.” Alright, so I really liked Stevie Jo. He’s just so cute, but this was a bad choice for him. It was a chance for him to show what kind artist he wanted to be, but this was too bluesy for his rocker approach to it, which caused him to do a bit too much with his voice in between the lyrics. Shakira praised his raspiness though.

Bria Kelly chose “Wild Horses” by The Rolling Stones. This is such a great song, and a good pick for Bria. She appeared way more confident and strong on stage than she has in previous rounds. Her vibrato wasn’t too much and she exihibited a little emotion. This performance made her a sure thing for the Top 12.

Josh Kaufman sang “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars. Usher noted this is a tough song to sing, but liked that Josh was up for the challenge. He dedicated this one to his wife, which made it even more emotional. You gotta love the moment when he dropped to his knees too.

Usher chose T.J., Josh and Bria as his Top 3. They’ll be moving on to the Live Rounds which FINALLY start next week!

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