‘The Voice’ Recap, Final Night of Blind Auditions

The Voice - 2013 The Original 4 Are Back!
The Voice – 2013


The blind auditions are over, the teams are full, which means one of the best parts of the show is coming up soon, The Battle Rounds! Before we get to that the coaches had to find their last team members. It was easier said than done for one of the coaches as the contestants brought out their mostly A game for the last of the Blinds.


We had 20 year old Matt Cermanski,  who had a failed audition last season, due in large part to his song choice, “Teenage Dream.” He also chalked it up to not playing guitar so it had it handy for his performance of “Have A Little Faith In Me.” I remember his performance from last season and he did sound much better, and a lot more confident here. All the guys turned for him he picked Adam Levine as his coach. Tamara Chauniece auditioned with Beyonce‘s “1+1″  which didn’t wow me, though she does have a nice voice, but she landed one of the last spots on Cee Lo Green‘s team. Brandon Chase also got Cee Lo’s attention with Hunter Haye‘s “Wanted,” and while he had Adam arguing in favor of Cee Lo, Brandon chose to be on Blake Shelton‘s team. 

Diego Roman decided to follow in the footsteps of his dad, a Tejano singer, and like many a ‘Voice’ contestant, he was in a band. The coaches seemed really into his performance of Billy Idol‘s “Rebel Yell” but he got no turns. I thought he was trying to force that Billy growl out, but you can really sing a Billy Idol song without trying to do it. Dominic Scott Kay was been working as an actor since he was a kid, you might remember him as the young Will from ‘POTC: At World’s End’ oh and he was in ‘Minority Report’ with Tom Friggin Cruise! The family even brought Neal McDonough along for his audition. Not to mention that his dad is the drummer for The Commodores. Kid has it made, and naturally he sings “Easy” but it doesn’t go over well. His voice is a little nasally, which Blake points out, but he still has time to work on his voice. There’s always next season, and all those connections.

Grey, who is doing the whole “one name” thing, wants to move on from being a wedding singer, and got a lot of attention from the coaches. Blake was so excited to turn for her that his chair malfunctioned and turned itself back around. “I did a 360 for you!” he yelled, but Grey would become the last member of Team Adam.


Christina Aguilera earned Michael Lynch as her last team member. The guy is full Irish, but he did Latin so well with “Bailamos” and him and Xtina did a little dance and duet. Brian Pounds, who sang “Wagon Wheel” landed on Team Blake. I guess he didn’t want to be “experimented” with. So, unsurprisingly, Cee Lo was the last to have his team filled. The man to fill it was Lupe Carroll, who got the crowd going with “If I Were A Carpenter.” I don’t know who his voice reminds me of, but I like the soothing, bluesy quality of it and I hope Cee Lo does great things with him.

The Voice - Season 5


The Battle Rounds begin next week, and i’m excited to see who those steals will be used for. Which coach do you think has the best team? Let us know!


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