The Voice Recap, Battle Rounds Part 2 – Chris Martin Guest Coach

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The Voice‘ basically renamed their Knockout Rounds and added a little twist. Two singers from each team would go up against each other with a song they both picked, and one will move on. There’s the added bonus of having Coldplay‘s Chris Martin as an adviser for all the teams, but unfortunately for UsherShakiraAdam Levine and Blake Shelton, the choices are getting tougher.

Before each match up, the coaches brought their singers to the ring to watch their first performances on the show. It was a moment to reflect on how far they’ve come, and to see where some improvements could be made. All of the coaches have one last Steal, and again, it’s obvious who they are saving them for. Here’s how the first batch of contestants did.

Team Blake

Audra McLaughlin vs Megan Ruger. A kind of interesting pairing considering how different their styles are. The girls chose Miley Cyrus‘ “The Climb” to sing, as it fit both of their voices and journeys pretty well. Overall, I was more of a fan of Megan’s whole persona, and as good as she sounds, Audra just has the bigger voice. No surprise that McLaughlin will continue on, I think Blake sees her as a singer who is easier to work with and could be a huge asset to his team.

Jake Wothington vs Tess Boyer. These two wanted to sing “Have A Little Faith In Me,” certainly not a bad choice, but probably the best of three they were given. Jake was a little nervous about singing against Tess, who has a huge range. There were some pitch issues during rehearsals, but it all went away on stage as they gave a very strong performance. Blake decided to go with familiarity and stuck with Jake, but Tess was a hot commodity and had the other three coaches arguing over her. She decided to become a part of Team Shakira.

Team Usher

Cierra Mickens vs T.J. Wilkens. Probably my favorite battle of the night, they picked “Get Here” by Oleta Adams as the song for the “Battle of the Soul Singers.” Neither of them had any trouble with this, their harmonies were on point and I just really enjoyed listening to them sing this as a duet. Usher would have been okay keeping either of them, but he decided to keep T.J.

Team Shakira 

Patrick Thomson vs Josh Murley. These two BFFs, and former members of Team Adam, chose Bryan Adam‘s “Run To You” for their battle. Chris suggested that they both use mic stands, and I don’t think it made that much of a difference, but it was an evenly matched showing from the both of them. It came down to a matter of taste for Shakira, she picked Patrick as the winner.

Team Adam

Christina Grimmie vs Sam Behymer. The girls made kind of an odd choice for themselves in picking OneRepublic‘s recent hit “Counting Stars” to sing. The song has some super fast parts, and it took some work for them to nail it during rehearsals. I think both girls just did okay here, a better song would have given them a chance to really showcase their vocals. Still, Adam had to pick a winner and for this one it was Christina.

Delvin Choice vs Josh Howard. The guys made a very good choice in “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.” I instantly liked Delvin after his audition, while it took some time for Josh to really shine on the show. There was a lot of energy from them, and a solid ending. They could have just kept singing and no one would have minded. Adam agreed with his fellow coaches that Delvin dominated, so he was chosen as the winner. Josh won’t be going home anytime soon, he was stolen by Usher.

So Blake and Adam still have their Steals to use.



Chris Martin’s presence on the show is a little blah, but he’s a nice guy so I’ll give him a break.

Did you agree with all the coaches’ choices? Let us know!

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