‘The Voice’ – Night 2 Blind Auditions

The Voice - 2013 The Original 4 Are Back!
The Voice – 2013
The Original 4 Are Back!


Night two of ‘The Voice”s Season 5 premiere featured even more talent, and a surprising impression from Mr. Levine. Let’s get into it!


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We had 16-year old Jacqui Lee opened the show with “Back To Black” and it looked like she wasn’t going to get any turns, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton hit their buttons. Jacqui was a spunky little something, and though Blake made his case by reminding everyone that his 16-year old contestant won last season, Jacqui picked Xtina as her coach.

Barry Black, who could mimic a trumpet (kind of) with his mouth had barely sung a note of “What You Won’t Do For Love”  before Adam Levine turned his chair. He had a Jason Mraz/Bruno Mars type vibe about him, which will make him a great fit for Adam’s team. There was Destinee Quinn who sang the Dixie Chick‘s “Cowboy Take Me Away” but curiously Blake didn’t turn for her. Xtina and Cee Lo Green did however and I don’t think this was too hard of a choice for her to make, she picked Christina. Of course if she proves to be a valuable contestant Blake may want to steal her later on.

The award for “Oddest Audition of The Night” goes to Cole Vosbury who performed the theme from ‘The Jeffersons.’ Honestly, it wasn’t that bad but it might have been too weird for the other coaches. But it was right up Cee Lo’s alley, he was the only one that turned for him and Green gained another team member. I couldn’t help but giggle at Blake’s comment that Cole looked like he was from the show ‘Duck Dynasty.’ 

Later, actress E.G. Daily, whom us 90s kids know as the voice of Tommy Pickles on the Nickelodeon cartoon ‘Rugrats,’ auditioned with Faith Hill‘s “Breathe” and sounded pretty darn good. Cee Lo and Blake gave her turns, and Xtina recognized her but couldn’t quite place the face. She revealed that she also played Dottie in ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure,’ which Cee seemed to be a big fan of, which unfortunately swayed Daily’s choice. She went for Blake, who she thought paid more attention to her voice rather than the fact that she was Dottie! Adam busted out a stellar Pee-Wee Herman impression, “I’m a loner, Dottie. A Rebel!”

There were some other standout contestants, like Holly Henry, 19, who impressed the coaches with Coldplay‘s “The Scientist.” Holly seemed a bit sad, so this song was fitting for her audition. She said her parents made her try out for the show, and admitted that there wasn’t a lot going on back home. She got four turns, and picked Blake to coach her. So I hope this is the beginning of something new and better for her. Johnny Gray sang “All These Things That I’ve Done” by The Killers, sounding a bit like Julian Casablancas. His voice wasn’t doing it for me, even though Cee Lo compared him to Eddie Vedder, which earned him Johnny’s vote.


Last up was Tessane Chin who had the distinction of singing backup for Jimmy Cliff. Chin had some nice things going on with her voice during Pink‘s “Try.” She could be the Judith Hill  of the season, and I HOPE she lasts a lot longer. She had all four coaches fighting for her, and made, I think, a good choice in going with Adam.

So far both Adam and Christina both have five contestants, and Cee Lo and Blake are tied with four. How are you enjoying the new season so far, and are you happy to have the original four back together?!

Picture courtesy of The Voice‘s official tumblr page.

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