‘The Voice’ Is Back!

The Voice - 2013 The Original 4 Are Back!
The Voice – 2013
The Original 4 Are Back!


It’s that special time of year. There’s a chill in the air, the leaves begin to change color and Emmy award winning ‘The Voice’ makes it’s return to tv! Maybe i’m doing too much, but I just like knowing that it’s on. Though I loved Usher and Shakira, I welcome back Cee Lo and  the newly svelte Christina Aguilera for Season 5. There’s nothing like the original four. They got together for a cover of  “I Love Rock n Roll.” It’s only the first episode and Adam Levine already has on something holey.


More importantly, the contestants were pretty good. Kat Robichaud had a familiar sounding rock growl, which got all four of the coaches to hit to their buttons. Her energetic performance and eccentric tastes, she cited David Bowie as an influence, naturally drew her to Cee Lo.


Another four-turner, and member of Team Cee Lo, Matthew Schuler got perhaps the quickest turns in the history of the show. He was a total cutie, with a nice voice, so I expect to see him go a long way in the competition. There was Caroline Pennell, who had one of those “cutesy, unique” voices, but it was good enough to get a couple of turns, and she too will be a member of Team Cee Lo.

Donna Allen, a 54 year old mom who once sang back up for Gloria Estefan and The Miami Sound Machine, came to prove that age is nothing but a number when it comes to singing. She blew the coaches away with her rendition of “You Are So Beautiful” and became Adam Levine‘s first team member. Then there was Nic Hawk, who brought lots of attitude and charm. He sang Blu Cantrell‘s “Hit ‘Em Style (Oops)” and I wondered if the coaches would think he was a woman. I don’t think he sounded like Amy Winehouse or Jessie J, whom he compared himself to, but after a little flirtation with Adam, he secured as spot on his team.


James Wolpert, who I’m sure has already quit his job at an Apple store, also impressed the coaches with Jack White’sLove Interruption.” After some begging and pleading, he picks Adam as his coach.

Every one wasn’t so lucky. The adorable Matthew Brea had a big voice for a 15-year old, but it just wasn’t his year. He took it pretty hard, but was comforted backstage by Cee Lo who related to his story of having to sing at his younger brother’s funeral when he was only 7. Though he had tons of personality, Delvin Choice and his awesome hair didn’t get any turns either. Since Christiana Milian is on another network dancing, maybe he could fill in for her at the “Social Media Correspondent.”

So ‘The Voice’ is back and better than ever. So far Adam is in the lead with 3 members on his team. Xtina and Cee Lo have two and Blake is surprisingly trailing with only one team member. We’ll see how changing his strategy works out for him.

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