The Best Music of November 2013



While you’re recovering from your turkey coma and nursing the wounds you suffered on Black Friday, here are some great albums released during the month of November for you to check out.



M.I.A. Matangi’ M.I.A. is one of those people that actually deserves the term artist. Matangi is probably her most well put together album, presented with familiar glitchy beats and monotone rhyming. It helps that her most recent hit “Bad Girls” is placed in the middle of the chaos, and unlike a lot of albums released this year, I think the latter half of it is the most fun. “Bring The Noize,” an infectious banger with lots of bass, reminiscent of her collaborations with Diplo. “Only 1 U” sounds like the follow up to the underrated “XXXO” from her last album ‘Maya.’ You can take or leave the two songs with The Weeknd, but it is an otherwise fun mix that i’m sure fans of hers will love, and the occasional Maya listener can jam too. Buy on iTunes.



Luscious JacksonMagic Hour’ After a years long hiatus, one of my favorite 90s bands has returned with a collection of songs that makes us feel like they never left. The ladies, minus keyboardist Vivian Trimble, still sound like a funky four-piece on “#1 Bum” and “Aaw Turn It Up!” The reflective “We Go Back” sounds like a bit of a tribute to late Beastie Boys member Adam Yauch, the closing track “3 Seconds To Cross” a love letter to Los Angeles. Jill Cunnif sounds as fresh as ever and the grooves are definitely there. It’s not a total throwback and with only 10 songs, the album kind of flies by, but it’s a good one to have on repeat. Buy on iTunes

Other goodies to listen to:

Jhene Aiko, ‘Sail Out’ 

Lady Gaga, ARTPOP’ 

Tennis, ‘Small Sound’ 

Who would YOU add to our list?

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