The Best Music Of August 2013

Despite what the heat index will tell you, Summer is almost over kids. Doesn’t mean that we’re not still getting some of the hottest music of the year. One of my favorite bands makes a big comeback, while another gives us a goodbye EP that will leave you wanting more.


Franz Ferdinand, ‘Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action’ The Scottish dandies of Franz Ferdinand return with a funky new one full of disco synths and catchy choruses. After they disappointed fans and critics (though I personally loved it) with ‘Tonight…’, Franz seemed to have lost their way, but have finally gotten their groove back. They revisit their old sound on the lead single “Right Action,” an instant favorite I couldn’t wait to hear the studio version of after having heard them play it live. Diana Ross could easily be the inspiration for “Love Illumination,” with lead singer Alex Kapranos cooing “sweet, sweet love” in the hook. “Evil Eye” and “Bullet” are other punk-y standouts, with the slower tracks like “Fresh Strawberries” providing some cool off time from the livelier songs. I welcome this comeback, because it feels like they want to be here, and I’m sure the fans will be welcoming them back with open arms and swaying hips as well. Check it out on iTunes.


Bloc Party, ‘The Nextwave Sessions’ While Franz Ferdinand are making their way back into the spotlight, Bloc Party is stepping out of it. The bands is going on another hiatus, so soon after releasing the fantastic ‘Four’ last year. While touring and playing festivals, the band threw in some then unrecorded tracks, like the bouncy “Ratchet” where Kele Okereke shows off his still unpolished rap skills. I can understand why “French Exit” wasn’t added to the record, but if this was the direction Bloc Party were headed in, I wish they hadn’t decided to take a detour. The five songs are completely different so the mood goes from “let’s get drunk at a house party” to “let’s go cry in the corner with a bottle of Jack.” I don’t know what the future holds for the band, and I’m sure we’ll be getting another solo record from Okereke, but I hold out hope we’ll be hearing from them again soon. iTunes


Cults, “I Can Hardly Make You Mine” Cults made their debut in 2010 and had a breakout hit with the single “Go Outside” from their 2011 self-titled release. They hit us with the poppy “I Can Hardly Make You Mine,” which gives me some serious old school, Leslie Gore feels. The track will appear on their anticipated upcoming album ‘Static’ which will be released on October 15th.

Some other things to check out:

Ellie Goulding, ‘Halcyon Days’ 

Big Sean, ‘Hall of Fame’

Ty Segall, ‘Sleeper’

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