Taylor Momsen blames her parents for “destroying her childhood”.

It's all THEIR fault!!

This photo of 17 year old Taylor Momsen rather looks like a tarted-up mugshot, doesn’t it?   All in good time, I suppose.  But right now, Taylor (from Gossip Girl and her band The Pretty Reckless) is far too busy blaming her miserable life on her parents.  Ah, yes.  Mother Blaming at its finest.

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“She [Taylor] holds mom and dad responsible for making her “miserable” by turning her into a kid star and destroying her childhood. “My parents signed me up with the Ford” modeling agency at the age of 2, said the raccoon-eyed blondie.

“No two-year-old wants to be working, but I had no choice,” she tells Us. “My whole life, I was in and out of school. I didn’t have friends. I was working constantly and I didn’t have a real life.”

Oh, Taylor.  If you’re this self-aware and have it all psychologically figured out, just quit.  Seriously…just quit from Gossip Girl and quit parading around in your un-original Runaways-esque thigh highs and hooker heels onstage with your band.  Go get a job at Hot Topic and see how that works out for you.  Seriously.  I don’t even know if Lindsay Lohan could verbalize or understand the shit her parents put her through, but YOU seem to understand why you’re so “miserable”. Lindsay’s parents are parasitic fame-whores who love the publicity they get–and it’s ALWAYS bad.  I actually feel badly for Lindsay and her siblings.  But you?  Not so much.

Oh, believe me, I get what you’re saying, Tay, but really?  If you are in fact, that “miserable”, take your money and go to school.  I don’t hear Harry Potter-actress Emma Watson bitching and moaning about her childhood; in fact she’s moving forward and attending Brown University in Rhode Island.

Lovely Emma Watson...

So yeah, Taylor.  Sit down and shut up.  You are desperately trying show the world your teen-angst, which is really growing tiresome.  Own up to your actions; make changes in your life–or DON’T.  I have a feeling your parents aren’t involved in your career that much right now, given the whore-y persona you’ve adopted.  It’s all YOU, baby.  Just own it.

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