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Paltrow to sing Cee Lo Green’s “F*uck You” on “Glee”…ohdearlord.

Guess which two words I'D like to say to this snip?

I’m losing my grip with Glee already, mainly because of Lea Michele (aka I Loathe Lea Michele).  Sniff sniff.  I smell lighter fluid.  Oh.  That’s just my hair catching fire again.

Effing PALTROW (aka I Loathe Paltrow) will be making an appearance on Glee and will be “performing” [HOARK HOARK] Cee Lo Green’s single, F*ck You, because you know, this bitch is KNOWN for her sense of humor and singing abilities.  If one of you tries to throw her new cuntry (misspelled, and I don’t care) film where she sings or worse yet, that Huey Lewis fiasco from days of yore, I’ll block your ass.  So don’t EVEN.  Some things are NON-NEGOTIABLE up on this blog, and defending Paltrow is one of them.  Actually, it’s number-bloody-ONE.

I never saw this crap movie with Huey Lewis, but is Paltrow supposed to be his DAUGHTER?  Because this song is ALL KINDS OF CREEPY then.

Hey. Paltrow!

Ain’t that some shit.