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Dancing With the Stars Season 13 Cast Revealed –


I have a twitch in my eye over some of these “STARS” on the upcoming season for Dancing With the StarsHonestly.

via ABC.com:

“The new celebrity line-up includes David Arquette, known for his role in the “Scream” films, Bono, the son of famed entertainers Sonny and Cher; Nancy Grace, HLN’s legal analyst, as well as NBA player Ron Artest, model Elisabetta Canalis, reality-TV stars Kristin Cavallari and Rob Kardashian, talk show icon Ricki Lake, war veteran and actor J.R. Martinez, entertainer Chynna Phillips, World Cup soccer star Hope Solo, and fashion commentator Carson Kressley. “

“I'm not pretending to be anything but a crime victim who went to law school and tried a lot of cases.” ~ Oh, Nancy Grace

Wait just one second.  NANCY GRACE?? And  George Clooney’s ex-girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis? Doesn’t add up.

Elisabetta Canalis? You're not a STAR, Hon.

I just can’t with this chick–an ex-girlfriend does not a “star” make, Friends.  (See what I just did there? That was said in Nancy’s twang…”)  I admit that she’s hot– even with her ill-advised upper arm tattoo placement.

I look forward to watching Hope Solo (who is so lovely) and Chaz Bono, whom I think is great.  Who are y’all excited to see?