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Another Justin Bieber losing his voice post?

Wait just a gosh darn second!

That’s not The Bieber!! It’s ELLEN PAGE! Jaaayzus.  I would think that being the “whip-smart little hipster” would know better than dressing and cutting her hair exactly like Justin Bieber might not be the best idea, regardless of one’s sexuality. (What did you just say?)  Oh, nothing.

So anyway, Justin Ellen Page is going to co-star with Diane Keaton on a new HBO series about a famous female blogger. (No. It’s not based on the Pink Pig.

via HollywoodElsewhere.com

“Tilda is a forthcoming HBO series about a Nikki Finke-ish Hollywood blogger that will star Diane Keaton and costar Ellen Page. An HBO spokesperson told Belloni that ‘”the script is a fictional composite and not based on any one person.” Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. The Tilda Watski character is Finke, Finke, Finke all the way. Belloni was spot-on when he said the show should be called Toldja! instead of Tilda.”

Meh. Probably won’t watch the show.

Gwen and Gavin and kids look ridiculous for Easter Sunday!


For once Crybaby Kingston Rossdale isn’t bawling his head off — BUT, he’s dressed like like a little girl for Easter Sunday.  He looks so happy that he’s about to unzip his skin and hop right out of it.  Maybe that’s all he needed. Good for him!

Here’s the thing.  Gavin and Gwen are dressed like they are on their way to a KMFDM concert in Berlin. What the Gotdamnhell?