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Christina Aguilera Slams Past Winners of ‘The Voice’

Here we go…


Looks like Xtina couldn’t even wait until next week’s episode of The Voice to throw some major shade and bitchface, as Brittani, Ana and I all predicted.  Honestly.  THIS bitch. Take a look at the hate she spewed about some of the past winners from the show that PAYS her to look like she does:

via USmagazine.com:

“[My former act] Chris Mann, prime example,” she said. “Came in fourth last year. It’s like, ultimately, who’s the real winner? Who’s Javier [Colon]? Who’s Jermaine [Paul]? At this point, I think it’s all about Chris Mann, thank you!”

Aguilera added that she believes Duron can be successful without a talent show, citing her own experience of losing Star Search in 1990.

“I lost [a talent show] myself earlier on in my career,” she said. “I’ve gone on to do much bigger and better things – some people don’t even know what Star Search was! I’m sure Dez will say the same in his own way one day.”


Photo: ONTD

Really?  My eyes are rolling like a casino slot machineXtina.

I will never say that Xtina can’t sing.  We all know she can–and she makes sure we know by telling us every gotdamn week, how-bloody-EVER.  Her bitter, bored and bitchy demeanor is absolutely intolerable at this point. I’m actually dreading watching her NOT CLAP for contestants after their performances.  (Has anyone else noticed that?)  Then she’ll look down at her “notes”, not make eye-contact with the nervous contestant in front of her, berate then dismiss them.  I’m already grinding my teeth, you guys.

Christina Aguilera has become incredibly unlikable the older she gets, which really isn’t good for business.  Her level of malevolence about “The Voice” in general leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Personally, I won’t miss her when she’s gone next season while she creates new experiences” for herself and “see [her] fans one-on-one”whatever that crap means.

Good luck with all that, girl.

Who Was Sent Home On ‘The Voice’? Which Coach Is Left Without A Contestant? DivaJulia’s Two Cents.


Oh, Lordy.  I’m not gonna lie.  I’ve been a little on edge about who was getting sent home on The Voice tonight, so I had to peek at the  east coast feed.  I hate surprises for the most part; I love spoilers and I USED to peek at my Christmas presents when I was little.  It’s just in my nature to need to KNOW what’s up.


Amanda & Trevin Do Gaga


First off, we got to see Amanda Brown and Trevin Hunte perform another cool duet.  This time they tackled,  Lady Gaga’s Marry the Night.  Not as dramatic as their first time taking the stage together when they KILLED IT with Mariah Carey’s Vision of Love, but still.  They seemed to have fun.

Cee Lo GREEN and Kermit brought a tear to our eyes with It’s Not Easy Being Green. That song does it every time, right?  Miss Piggy and Donatella Versace  Janice were looking great, weren’t they?

Okay.  Stay on task, sister.

The saved contestants are as follows:

Cassadee Pope (Team Blake)

Amanda Brown (Team Adam)

Melanie Martinez (Team Adam)

Nicholas David (Team Cee Lo)

Terry McDermott (Team Blake)

Trevin Hunte (Team Cee Lo)

Notice anyone’s name missing up there?  Well, besides Cody Belew and Dez Duron?  Yep.  Ms. Christina Aguilera doesn’t have a contestant in the competition any longer (see Dez Duron again).  This latest event will most certainly cause her to wear her bitch hat even harder, particularly with the remaining gals.  I just can’t with Christina’s alternately disinterested and coarse demeanor toward singers she doesn’t enjoy.  She cannot even bring herself to be courteous and it’s shameful, really.

As I may have mentioned last night by horning in on Brittani’s post, Christina has been jumping up and down on my last nerve more than usual this season.   I think her haughty and superior attitude may have hurt her in terms of votes for her singers, or maybe I’m just reading too much into the fact that her team was never as good as the other judges.

Bottom line:  America got it right by sending Cody Belew and Dez Duron home.

The Voice Recap, Night 5 Of The Battle Rounds


I’ve been a bad, bad recapper. I skipped last Tuesday’s show, although I have to say we didn’t miss much, but Monday night’s episode more than made up for that. It’s the next to last Battle Rounds, with Adam and Christina putting together four of their best singers for the two best battles. [Editor’s Note: In Brittani’s defense, The Voice wasn’t even aired on the west coast–at least not in Seattle, due to local political debates.]

Team Cee Lo

Alexis Marceaux and Daniel Rosa went head-to-head on Adam Lambert‘s “What Do You Want From Me.” This wasn’t the best song choice for either of them. Alexis’ classical training made it hard for her to really get into the groove of the song and Daniel worried he wouldn’t be able to hit the notes in the song. Alexis was oddly supportive of him, not understanding why he was doubting himself and thinking he had the advantage because he has already been on the show.

Daniel sounded better during the final rehearsals, maybe Rob Thomas telling him his nerves made his voice sound more vulnerable helped, and Cee Lo getting a little pissed him. Daniel said he didn’t “want to sound bad,” which was just honest, and while I didn’t think him or Alexis sounded “bad” they weren’t all that great either. This is a very shouty song and I think Alexis got a little lost in it. She actually started off the song standing behind Daniel. Blake and Christina gave the battle to her, but Cee Lo goes with Daniel because of their connection. No steals for Alexis.

Team Adam

It was old school vs new school with Nicole Nelson and Brandon Mahone. Adam picks “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” as their song, a perfect duet song for their voices. Brandon notes that Nicole had “no weaknesses,” which freaked him out a bit. I don’t think Brandon had anything to worry about but he let himself get intimidated. Adam told him that he needed to believe in himself more during their sit-down and he bonded with Mary J. Blige over their shared story of trying to make it for their families.

Nicole took Adam’s advice too literally though. During final rehearsals he told her that “less is more” and I think she held back too much during their performance. There was room for some big notes for her but she didn’t go for it. Blake and Christina liked her though, with Cee Lo calling the battle evenly matched. Adam picks Nicole and makes sure he hugs Brandon who unfortunately had no steal opportunities.

After this we got a montage of the unseen battles. Team Adam had Brian Scartocci vs Loren Allred, with Loren taking that one. Joe Kirkland went against Samuel Moulton, getting to stay on his team. From Blake’s team, Cassadee Pope, who was kind of a stand out during auditions, defeated Ryan Jirovec.

Team Christina

Finally, Christina had 15-year old MarissaAnn and 20-year old Devyn DeLoera sing En Vogue‘s “Free Your Mind.” I love this song, didn’t love that she gave it to them. I mention their ages because apparently this was a big factor in who the other coaches thought won the battle. The girls have very similar voices, which is probably why Xtina put them together, and she was looking forward to the vocal cat fight. I liked the way they started the song off , same arm movements and everything but this wasn’t as good as it could have been. Now I really don’t think age factored in anywhere here, even though Adam was still blown away by the fact that MarissaAnn is only 15. That may have been why Christina wanted to give Devyn another chance, MarissaAnn and all the letters in her name still have a number of years to go. That left her available to be stolen by Blake who adds her to his team.

So Christina has the last steal, which I’m sure we’ll see happen on Tuesday night. Blake said he was being a little stingy about using his so we’ll have to see who Xtina chooses to give her last one to. Did you enjoy the little singing we got to hear before the Presidential Debate? (Or directly after if you live on the left coast.)

See y’all tomorrow!