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Workaholics Recap, ‘The Worst Generation’


Workaholics’ is all about growing up, or rather the refusal to. A part of being a grown up is having insurance, but Adam has always relied on old Grandpa DeMamp for that. After he hurts his arms while the guys are filming a movie, he has to go to his Gramps for help and prove that he’s a real man. Old people can be awesome when they tell you stories like The Cryptkeeper, as Ders says, or they can live up to the name of The Worst Generation.

Whenever the guys try to be good and do something nice it always backfires, their ineptitude at everything is almost charming. Never knowing his real grandfather, Blake adopts an old druggie he’s instantly drawn to while Ders, refocusing his ‘MTV: True Life’ doc on old people, meets a woman who will have sex with anything, even though she’s married. Adam, who is always trying to prove how much of “man” he is, can’t even prove it to his grandfather George who seems to be as crazy as he is. They sneak all of them out of the old folks home to a party at their house with Jillian and her hockey team where Blake has to revive his fake grandpa after an alcohol binge, and Ders’ lady friend ditches him for one of the lesbian hockey players. Eventually one of the caretakers, played by Jordan Peele, come to wrangle them all up as if it’s just another part of his thankless job.

The old people were a reflection of what the guys are, or might become. Lonely, crazy and still doing things that could kill them. Respecting your elders isn’t always easy, especially not when they take you off their insurance.

‘Workaholics’ Recap, ‘High Art’

So I remember Blake Anderson and Anders Holm being asked in an interview if there were ideas that they had come up with for the show that maybe crossed the line. They mentioned that they came up with an episode where they burn an American Flag, but in a patriotic way! It looks like they went back to that idea for Wednesday night’s episode which featured some “brocaine” and salad theft.

Always on the come up, the guys get ready to party with some douchey entrepreneur, but Adam and Ders don’t think Blake’s idea of a non-burnable American Flag is good enough to impress him.

Meanwhile Karl and some creepy kids make “art” out on their front lawn, and Blake falls in with their wannabe Banksy crowd. I like the episodes where the guys split off, we get two stories for the price of one and it’s been so long since we’ve seen Karl.

At the party, the guys fall into a little peer pressure and try cocaine with the guy who could possibly make them rich. Don’t all rich, white guys do coke? When spouting off ideas, he passes, until they mention Blake’s flag. Blake, though, is preoccupied with living the life of an artist, which involves stealing from a  grocery store salad bar, and even though he he was right to be mad at them for using his idea that they thought was stupid in the first place, he just can’t go through with sabotaging their big pitch. Not that they needed help with that anyways, and those tans and coke nosebleeds were enough punishment.

Flag burning, no matter how it’s presented, is always controversial, but somehow they handled this in a really funny way. I’m sure people will be offended, but it added a hilariously shocking element to an otherwise so-so episode. Also, shout out to deep-vs!

Thanks to the Workaholics tumblr for the pic!

‘Workaholics’ Get Weird For Valentine’s Day


On Wednesday night’s ‘Workaholics,’ the guys set out to get dates for Valentine’s Day, but fail because well, they’re them. They resort to talking chatting with a webcam girl named “JustAnna” who they all fall in love with and eventually want to meet.

The best part of the episode was their Lisa Loeb sing-a-long and raiding the the dubious company the real JustAnna works for.

Did you catch this episode?