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Alec Baldwin Kicked OFF American Airlines Flight for Playing ‘Words With Friends’

Hey, Alec likes playing 'Words With Friends"!

Oh, boy.  Here we go…let the war of Tweets begin!

Seems Mr. Alec Baldwin (who’s known to be a bit of a hot head occasionally) was kicked right off an American We’re Going BANKRUPT! Airlines flight for not turning off his iPad while playing Words With Friends.  According to Baldwin, the plane was sitting on the tarmac, and not taxi-ing for take-off.

via The Scoop:

Baldwin tweeted, “Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving. #nowonderamericaairisbankrupt,” shortly after news of the plane’s return broke on the social network.

In a statement to NBC News, Baldwin’s rep Matthew Hiltzik explained what went down: “Alec was asked to leave the flight for playing ‘Words with Friends’ on his iPad, while parked at the gate. Alec is so in love with ‘Words with Friends’ that he would risk getting thrown off a flight to play. He’s already been re-booked on another American Airlines flight.

Ed Martelle commented on behalf of the airline, saying, “Owing to privacy concerns regarding our customers, we don’t comment on something that might or might not have happened.”

Hmmmm…have any of you heard via Twitter that Alec was indeed “abusive” to the AA flight attendant?

Words With Friends

All I know is, my BFF Patrick is every BIT as addicted to Words With Friends on his own iPad.  I love when it gets too hard for him at times, and my SilverFox Husband has to play the word-game for him.  Good times.  And super-funny.

Jeez.  Leave Alec alone.