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NBC changes Wonder Woman’s costume, by making it worse.

What's do y'all think?


It seems NBC heard the complaints and jokes about the costume for it’s new Wonder Woman. In shots from the set, the costume looks to have been changed quite a bit, including new pants and boots.  She still looks tacky, but it’s somewhat of an improvement. So what’s different? Instead of the shiny, light blue pants, she’s wearing darker leggings with more visible stars. The boots are heel-less and now red. They also toned down WW’s makeup.

Run, Woman.

Star, Adrienne Palicki shot some intense looking action scenes, which would call for a more practical heel and the most powerful support bra in the world. Diana Prince is supposed to be the CEO of a major company, you’d think she’d have a better costume. I mean Jeggings, really? At least it’s not hooker boots and a thong.

First look at Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman



Sigh, where do I start? Here is the first look at Adrianne Palicki in costume as Wonder WomanPalicki will be starring in the reboot of the 1970s series as Diana Prince.  This is obviously a lot different than Lynda Carter’s star spangled granny panties.

Oh, Lynda Carter. What do YOU have to say about this?

NBC “promises” the project, if picked up to series, will offer a serious, non-campy take on the DC Comics character. If they were going for “non-campy” they sure picked the wrong costume.

They made Wonder Woman’s costume a bit more practical with pants, but comparing this the WW’s comic look, it’s a lot less fierce. “The Lasso of Truth” looks like something I would decorate a present with and the boots are tacky. The bustier is doing “wonders” for her chest though. Oh, and we’ll also get to see Wonder Woman’s invisible jet (read: Camel Toe!) in the pilot. I can’t wait to see how crazy that will look.

Wonder Woman is being produced by Boston Legal write David E. Kelley and will also star snotty Elizabeth Hurley, as a villain that runs a pharmaceutical company creating a drug that makes people stronger, and Cary Elwes as the CEO of Diana’s company, Themyscira Industries.

Yeah.  We’re taking wagers on the precious few weeks this show will even last, if it’s indeed picked up.