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Will.I.Am Featuring Britney Spears ‘Scream and Shout’ – Brittani’s Thoughts On The Video

Will.i.am and Brit-Brit

Britney Spears premiered the video for her collaboration with Will.i.am on Wednesday night’s ‘The X Factor.’ The song Scream and Shout” is the fifth single released from his album “#willpower,” which will finally be released in early 2013. Everything I just wrote bothers me.

Spears seemed a little nervous before hosts Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez introduced the new video, or maybe that was just her excited face. It’s another repetitive electro-dance-pop song from Will with very little substance.



I don’t get Britney’s accent here, or her Tyra Banks hairdo. She had a good thing going with the bangs, okay. I’m sure the chorus will be stuck in my head anyways.

Check out the video and tell us what you think!


[Sean? Seantelle? Doolittle? Let’s hear it, Boo. ~ DivaJulia]

‘The X Factor’ Recap, Britney and L.A.’s Houses Sing For Their Lives With Justin Bieber and Will.i.am


Before Joe Biden shaded the hell out of Paul Ryan during the Vice Presidential Debates, Britney Spears and L.A. Reid heard from the six acts in their respective houses. I thought all the singers did pretty well tonight, but nerves might have ended the one contestant’s chances at getting to the live rounds.

Even though he complained about not getting that much screen time during Wednesday night’s broadcast, we saw plenty of Justin Bieber and his manager Scooter Braun, and I still don’t understand why he’s around. This is another area where ‘The Voice‘ succeeds, their mentors are just better

Jason Brock was up first singing “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” an interesting choice but it fit his style. Bieb thought he “gave it everything.” Up next was David Correy who sang Jessie J‘s “Domino.” Of everyone in L.A.’s house, he has the best chance at winning because all of his performances so far have been on point. Daryl Black is another good contender. He sounded nice during “She’s Gone,” with Scooter saying that with a band behind him he could go far. I have to agree with that. Daryl would make a great lead singer for a band.

I think I’m a little tired of R&B done Country, so I didn’t enjoy Tate Steven‘s rendition of “Back At One” that much but he was still as clear as he had been during boot camp. While I should be rooting for someone like Vino Alan, I hate how everything he sings gets turned into a Creed song. That includes Pink‘s “Sober.” He sounded alright until the chorus and I think he needs to work on how he comes off while he’s singing. L.A. just isn’t seeing the whole package.

Finally, Tara Simon overdid Hoobastank‘s “The Reason” and I think I’m mad at her for reminding me that that song exists. Yes, she did her her notes just fine but she came off way too impressed with herself and I can’t be the only one seeing this.

Over at Britney’s the contestants were a lot less confident. It was a little sad to watch them all get tripped up over their nerves, especially Reed Deeming. He’s a cute kid, they all are, but I’m sure that none of them have ever not heard praise. Diamond White does great with “With You” but Britney felt like she was paying too much attention to the way she moves while performing. This is the first of Spears’ comments that made me side-eye her.

After her it was Reed’s turn and he didn’t know how he was supposed to follow Diamond. He gets through “Hey There Delilah” just fine even though he was intimidated. Britney told Will.i.am that she thought he came off like “a little emperor kid.” I….what?!  James Tanner, the only one of them presenting himself as a rapper, did an okay version of “Party Like A Rockstar.” Spears said it was “entertaining” but probably not strong enough to keep him around.

Cutie pie Arin Ray needed to show that he could make it as a solo artist after being on the show last season in a group. I think “Starships” was a bad choice of song, Will liked him a lot and Brit said he needed to work on his vocals more. Beatrice Miller also got a little criticism on her control. Britney said that she sings too loud, and at this point I was done with her. She had no problem throwing emotion into her performance of “Titanium” because she needed a moment to wipe away her tears before she sang.

Last to go was Carly Rose Sonenclar. She is the best in Britney’s house, and definitely one of the best in the competition. “Brokenhearted” sounded amazing and she was the least nervous of all the kids. Still, Spears wondered if she would be able to handle the pressure of the competition. I think she’ll be fine.

I expect that David, Tara and Jason will be the three from L.A.’s house to go through. He’s so not into any of his singers, which is a shame because there is talent there. Britney has some harder decisions to make. I think she should stick with Carly Rose, Diamond and Beatrice, but something tells me she will want a boy in the live rounds. Who do you think deserve to go on to the live rounds? We’ll find out next week!