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Miley Cyrus In Bed With Ashton Kutcher (On ‘Two and a Half Men’)

Hey, y’all. I have titties. – M. Cyrus

Ugh.  See what I did there?  I gave you a completely lame and misleading headline.  Yaaaaawwwn.  I’m even boring myself when it comes to these two, and I tend to be my own biggest fan. (Not really. I hate everything I write.) Not really. What?

Everyone’s favorite hillbilly has landed a spot on no one’s everyone’s favorite sitcom, Two and a Half Men.  I’m cringing at these photo.  It’s just a bit too pervy.  I’m looking at you, CyrusKutcher.


via Eonline.com

Cyrus makes her Two and a Half Men debut on Thursday, Oct. 17, as Missi, Walden’s (Kutcher) friend’s daughter, who begins to make him feel old.

And while Missi spends some time with Walden in bed, she’s actually a love interest for Jake (Angus T. Jones), who returns home from the army to visit his father Alan (Jon Cryer).

Short-shorts and a bikini top. Formal-wear for the trailer park set!

So Miley plays a little gal named Missy? I think that’s close enough to the ultimate in white-trash names, Misty, don’t you?

Off I go to read all the hate-comments by chicks named Misty. Wait.  That would mean they can read.

Daaaayummm. I’m stunned by my own bitchiness.

Miley Cyrus Loves Weiners and Tacky Tattoos – Looks Like a Dude While She’s At It


Sometimes I just have to post photos for no other reason than they are gross and if I have been forced to look at them, so must YOU.

Jaaayzus, Miley. Just how many things are wrong with these photos?  Let’s count, shall we?




"Where's the HoneyBucket, y'all?"

1.)  That SHIRT.

2.)  Them skinnuh legs.

3.)  That haay-err. But mostly?

4.)  That hideous dream-catcher tattoo that I just CAN’T with.

I wanna hear what the grossest parts of these photos are for y’all.  Oh, and I ain’t bein’ mean.  Miley just gives white trash a bad name, if you ask me.

Miley Cyrus Performs at G.A.Y. in London (Pictures)

That. Dress. Ugh. (Photo by Daniel Christian/FilmMagic)
I really don't care for those shoes, Miley.

Oh, did you know that Miley has a special fashion icon with whom she tries to emulate?  She does!

AND she wears a blonde wig on occasion!

L.A. hooker, Vivian Ward is responsible for Miley’s new touring wardrobe.  Someone, anyone, introduce Mile to Vivienne Westwood, please?

On second thought, DON’T.  This is much more fun.