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Rolling Stone Magazine Addresses Boston Bomber Cover Controversy With Statement

Rolling Stone Cover of the Boston Bomber - Defaced by DivaJulia
Rolling Stone Cover of the Boston Bomber – Defaced by DivaJulia

By now you’ve undoubtedly seen the latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine with Boston Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover. (I’ve decided to deface the cover, so I’m not promoting it in any way.)

After a huge public outrage, Rolling Stone Magazine has made a statement (read: backpedal) regarding the cover:

via RollingStone.com:

“Our hearts go out to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, and our thoughts are always with them and their families. The cover story we are publishing this week falls within the traditions of journalism and Rolling Stone’s long-standing commitment to serious and thoughtful coverage of the most important political and cultural issues of our day. The fact that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is young, and in the same age group as many of our readers, makes it all the more important for us to examine the complexities of this issue and gain a more complete understanding of how a tragedy like this happens.


Now listen.  I have no problem with the article itself. None. My problem is the cover, wherein this terrorist is shown to look like a teen idol. The 4th Jonas Brother, if you will. The image of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev actually reminds me of the cover of the late Jim Morrison.

“Jim Morrison. He’s Hot. He’s sexy and he’s dead.”

Again, I don’t want to shy away from reading an intelligently written article which profiles the man whom, along with his brother, plotted and carried out an act of terror upon the City of Boston…and the rest of the United States of America. I just don’t want to see his “selfie”, which shows “dreamboat, bedroom eyes and full, pouty lips” as if he were the Next Big Thing.

Paul McCartney To Front Nirvana ‘Reunion’ For 12-12-12 Concert



Oh, for eff’s sake.  I’ve been sitting on this crap all day long and only now bring myself to write these words: Paul McCartney is fronting Nirvana  i.e. standing in for Kurt Cobain at tonight’s 12-12-12 Concert.  I’ll wait a second for you to catch your breath if you hadn’t heard yet.  I’ll wait even longer if you live in the Northwest, specifically in Seattle forpitysake.

Oh.  It gets better.  “The Cute Dumb One” had this nugget of gold in response to getting the gig:

via TheSun.co.uk:

“I didn’t really know who they were,” the 70-year-old Beatles legend told The Sun. “They are saying how good it is to be back together. I said, ‘Whoa? You guys haven’t played together for all that time? And somebody whispered to me, ‘That’s Nirvana. You’re Kurt.’ I couldn’t believe it.”

Wait. What?  “You’re Kurt”??  As. Bloody. IF.


I’m more than willing to pit The Beatles vs. Nirvana, if only for tonight.  This is the ONE night David Bowie could have taken a car down the street and played “The Man Who Sold The World“.  No one would have been offended.  In fact–we would’ve been thrilled. 


Thanks to Mary for the hideous photo up there.

Movie 43 Red Band Trailer – NSFW – You Will Be Offended And You Will Like It! Understood?

Holy. Shit. How the HELL did this trailer get made? How the HELL did the producers get all of these A-Listers–even some Oscar winners–to sign on to BE in this film? I’m only going to warn you ONCE.

Okay…now, go watch the trailer for Movie 43


via TheImproper.com:

“One thing is certain, the movie will have a fan base. Among other subjects it deals with Corprophilia, necrophilia, sexually transmitted diseases, racial stereotypes, leprechauns, whips, midgets and a slew of other taboos.

Coach Terrence Howard explaining to his basketball team why they will win!

“Movie 43″  opens on Jan. 25. It’s being called “one of the most shocking, original, and dangerous comedies ever made.

Halle Berry With a TURKEY BASTER?

Check out the full cast:

Halle Berry
Elizabeth Banks
Kristen Bell
Jimmy Bennett
Leslie Bibb
Kate Bosworth
Gerard Butler
Bobby Cannavale
Kieran Culkin
Josh Duhamel
Anna Faris
Richard Gere
John Hodgman
Terrence Howard
Hugh Jackman
Johnny Knoxville
Martin Klebba
Christina Linhardt
Beth Littleford
Justin Long a
Aasif Mandvi
Jack McBrayer
Stephen Merchant
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
Chloë Grace Moretz
Chris Pratt
Liev Schreiber
Tony Shalhoub
Emma Stone
Jason Sudeikis
Uma Thurman
Patrick Warburton
Naomi Watts
Seann William Scott
Jeremy Allen White
Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet and her dirty mouth…

I know, right?? Good Lord.  The hilarity filth that comes outta these actors’ mouths!

In Theaters: January 25th.  See your ass there.