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Kim Kardashian Is Embarrassed On Her Own Behalf

Hang your head, "Perfect Bitch".
Hang your head, “Perfect Bitch”.

Does that even make sense? I think it does.

Kim Kardashian West (!) — the exclamation point is part of her new surname — looks suuuuper embarrassed in that slutty black get-up*, pushing an empty stroller (I’m assuming Baby North had better things to do), but Mrs. West does as she’s told by Miss Kanye, right? Or. Bloody. ELSE.

Sometimes I catch myself feeling sorry for Kim. My heart must need checking again.

* This outfit wouldn’t be quite as slutty if worn between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am.

Beyonce’s Nipple Suit Causes A Stir



The ‘Spring of Beyonce‘ is off to a slow start, but Mrs. Carter kicked off her World Tour in Serbia and debuted a number of new costumes. The most talked about is a bodysuit that features fake nipples, which some seem to have a problem with, because people love to have 99 problems and then some with Beyonce these days.



The bodysuit is designed by The Blonds and was featured something similar in their “Psycho Beach Party” Spring 2013 collection. She will also wear costumes designed by PucciRalph & Russo and Julien Macdonald. She’s come a long way from Mama Tina’s designs. I don’t think these are the most exciting costumes she’s worn, but maybe we’ll see something different when the Mrs. Carter World Tour hits the states.

Rihanna Rocks a Gold Grill and Lavender Lipstick


Photo via CB/Splash

Gosh.  It seems like February, 2009 all over again with all this Rihanna and Chris Brown stuff every bloody day. Oh.  No pun intended, I guess.

Here’s RiRi coming out of Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, California in super-short cut-offs, long red nails, lavender lipstick, and a gold grill on her lower teeth.

So. How do we feel about this look?  More importantly, would you wear this get-up to go out for a delicious Italian din-din?