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Katy Perry and Russell Brand Appear To Be Insane

Wait. Is that Linds...no.

Photo via Interview Magazine

Every chick who appears on the cover of Interview Magazine winds up looking like Lindsay Lohan.  Even Madonna looks like LL tries to look.  Wait, what? Actually, Katy Perry doesn’t look insane here, she just looks like, oh Lord–I’m repeating myself.  One good thing? She doesn’t look like Smurfette.  I don’t think grown-ass women should have blue hair, but that’s just me.


Katy’s ex-husband, Russell Brand is obviously a complete nut. A naughty, philandering, jheri-curled nut.  The worst thing with this outfit to me would be the white sandals. I’m pretty sure they are women’s sandals (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but–there IS something wrong with it.  They are all cushioned and so pristine.  I don’t find that in any way sexy.  Generally, I wish men would keep their toes to themselves.

What the GOT-damnhell is Russell wearing, anyway? A knit hat, saggy-crotched white wrap-shorts, brown legwarmers and a Jesus tablecloth worn as a cape.

And he has the nerve to look at us like that.